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Water Color, Water Play, on a Rainy Day

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I took out the measuring spoons for extra precision :)

I took out the measuring spoons for extra precision 🙂

You know you’ve lived in Australia too long when: you go to spell ‘colour’ like ‘color’ and even though you grew up in America, it feels weird.  Anyway, here’s a quick, easy (and potentially messy) idea for preschool age kids.  I only say preschool age kids, instead of toddlers, because I’m thinking food dye.. stains on carpets.. well, it’s up to you, I don’t mind messes too much 🙂

Kids love to play with water!  So, I got out some food dye (the natural kind, you can get it from Coles in Australia), gave her some cups full of water, and some empty ones.  Then I GAVE HER THE FOOD DYE.  I think this is an important part of the whole process.  Yes, it’s a little extra messy, but she loved to watch the drops of color swirl around in the fresh clean water.  If you’re doing with a younger toddler, or are not feeling like dealing with a huge potential mess, maybe just give them the colored water and that will be enough stimulation.

I didn’t give any instructions really.  I didn’t even tell her what I was doing, I just kept bring out the water and stuff and she asked me sort of like, ‘What are we doing?‘.  I told her to do whatever she wanted.  Maybe if she mixed them together she would get different colors.  Of course, the water ended up all brown in the end, and her hands were a little stained for the rest of the day, but she loved it!

Beware:  If you want any food dye left over AFTER the session, you may want to stick around and monitor the quantity that they are using.  I was trying to use mine up because it had been sitting in the fridge for ages and since it was the natural kind, it does have a shelf life, so I didn’t mind.  She used every last drop and kept asking for fresh water!

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