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How to Clean an Amber Teething Necklace

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Squeaky Clean!

Squeaky Clean!

When Margo first started teething I learned a lot. I didn’t know that teething and rashes sometimes happen at the same time or that there were things like teething necklaces that could make it easier for the baby (and my sanity). I first bought Margo this amber teething necklace when she was about 6 months old… That was just under 3 years ago. Once I put it on her, I rarely ever took it off… except for the one night when she was about 15 months or so, and I did take it off. She was waking up every half an hour that night! My husband and I were beside ourselves and he asked me if I had done anything different that day… After going through every account of the day, I finally remembered that I had taken her teething necklace off, but I didn’t know where it was at 2 in the morning. So, Art hunted it down, stuck it back on the baby, and in fifteen minutes she was asleep and stayed asleep for the rest of the night. Coincidence? Oh, I don’t know…

Do the teething necklaces really work? Do they really stop the teething pain? Just for the record, teething necklaces are not for chewing on… they work by releasing minute amounts of a therapeutic chemical (succinic acid) that is absorbed into the bloodstream and has a calming effect. Other people would say that, energetically, amber has a certain calming quality, just through it’s nature. Anyway, whatever people ‘say’, my experience thus far is that neither of my kids have had any noticeable teething pain.. and that includes when Margo had four molars coming in at once.

Well, the necklace has been passed down from Margo to Goldie, when Goldie was about 5 or 6 months old, and we’ve replaced it for Margo with a beautiful locket necklace. It’s gotten so grimy and greasy and disgusting, but being so busy, I haven’t gotten around to cleaning it. It’s actually the string that gets gross. Over the years, it has accumulated dead skin, oil from skin, fuzzies, probably food, bits of hair, and well, who knows what else! I asked the advice of a friend, Celeste, who is a mum to three. She’s a qualified jeweler and gemologist, to say the least, and she sells baltic amber & babywearing stuff for big people and little ones. She also sells awesome Little Frog baby wraps, you can check her out on facebook, here. This is how she told me to clean it, and it came out looking awesome!

Gross!!!  If you look closely, in between the beads, you can see the grim buildup!

Gross!!! If you look closely, in between the beads, you can see the grim buildup!

You will need:

– An old toothbrush

– Mild soap, I used Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, lavender scent

– A bowl full of warm water


Put a little soap in the warm water and dunking your necklace, GENTLY, using a downward and back and forth motion, start brushing the dirt and grim away. It’s totally fine to get the string wet, since my kids never take the necklace off, it’s always wet in the shower, beach or pool. Just don’t scrub so hard that you start wearing away the string.

Gentle downward motions

Gentle downward and sideways motions

To get hair that was wrapped around the string off, I found a pair of fine point tweezers and carefully pulled or untwisted until I got most of the hair off, although, this was rather time consuming, and I’m not sure if I got them all, but most of them are gone.

How did the hair even get so tangled!

How did the hair even get so tangled!

When I was finished, I dried it off, and noticed that it was a bit dull looking, so I rubbed a bit of olive oil on it (it was the closest thing I had around).. although, probably some other oils would work better, and it came out looking shiny and new!

If you are looking to ‘energetically’ recharge your baltic amber, I’ve heard that putting it, or wearing it in the sun works. Also, salt water, or wearing in the ocean, should do the trick.

Disclaimer: This post is merely meant to give instruction on how to clean an amber teething necklace. When using an amber teething necklace on babies and toddlers, please be sure to follow proper wearing instructions and check for wear and tear of your product.

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