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DIY Fabric Memory Game Cards

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Please excuse the un-vacuumed rug

Please excuse the un-vacuumed rug

I wasn’t sure we were going to this 3 year old birthday party, until a few hours before it started.  Being Sunday, it was too early to go the shops to buy a present, and plus, I like making birthday gifts myself.  I did a quick perusal on Pinterest, (as you do), found an idea, ran it past hubby and he came up with these DIY (do it yourself) fabric memory cards.  I had Art helping me, and two kids to take care of (who were unusually crazy that rainy Sunday morning), but the finished product happened about 45 minutes after starting and cost a total of less than a few dollars in materials.  There’s still a massive mess at the kitchen table to clean up, but the production was pretty smooth.


Don’t worry if you don’t happen to have all of these things just ‘laying’ around the house (I tend to hoard crafting stuff and I’m a school teacher, so of course, I have a laminator) some alternate ideas would be to use felt, cardboard, glue, regular scissors for cutting fabric, etc.  No need to be fancy.

Fabric scrapes

Coloured paper (or cardstock) so that you can’t see through

Laminating sheets (we had some business card ones we bought for 80¢ a pack)

Pinking Shears

Self Adhering velcro (for bag)

The assembly line

The assembly line

I made twenty cards, so ten pairs of matching fabric.  But, you could probably get away with making less.  Make sure that your background paper is bigger than the fabric, that way when the cards are laying up-side-down, the child can’t see the fabric… otherwise, it won’t be much of a memory game.

Assemble your cards and then make a cute little bag to carry them in.  If you’re using a laminator, an option would be to actually laminate a bigger piece of paper and fabric, punch some holes in the sides and tie together with a string… since I had my sewing machine handy, I just made a quick little carry bag… although, don’t look too closely, my bobbin tension was all screwed up and I didn’t have enough time to fix it, so I had to make due with some embarrassingly dodgy sewing of my bag.  I used a piece of velcro to hold the bag together, but you could also make a casing and use string or whatever.

Finished... silly bobbin tension and not enough time (mom, yes, I know, I'm embarrassed)

Finished… silly bobbin tension and not enough time (mom, yes, I know, I’m embarrassed)

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