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Five Funny Reasons Why Every New Mother Should Wear Her Baby

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Babywearing is a serious life saver, most baby wearers know that. There are too many emotional and physiological benefits to mention here, and I’ve already written a long winded post on ‘The Top Ten Reasons to Wear Your Baby or Child‘. Here are a few of the funny reasons to wear your baby that not too many people mention.

1. Beat the Post-Partum Wardrobe Challenge
The pregnancy/birth/post partum weight yoyo game is a pain in the butt. Simple solution: Wear your baby! Wearing your baby on the front covers your boobs (just in case your bras don’t fit right), it covers your post-partum jelly-belly and it hides the puke stained-stretched out necked shirt you’re wearing. If you have a wrap on, then almost your entire top is covered! Say, “YESSSSS!!!! Thank you babywearing!”

Hmmm... what should I wear to the market today... oh, I'll wear my baby!

Hmmm… what should I wear to the market today… oh, I’ll wear my baby!

2. Food Catcher
Every new mother needs to eat! When you wear your baby, you can be sure that some of your food will land on the top of your baby’s head. (be careful if you’re eating something hot!). They won’t even notice, and you can save the crumbs later for a snack.


Buddha baby watching

3. Hog Your Baby, Annoy Your Friends and Family
Everyone wants a cuddle with the new baby, but some new mothers are reluctant to play ‘pass the parcel’ with their new little bundle of joy. You don’t want granny’s red lipstick on your baby’s cheek and you don’t want little cousin Sally with a chesty cough to get too close. If you’re wearing your baby, you can just explain that’s it too difficult to get them out of the carrier, and bonus if our baby is sleeping, then you don’t even need an excuse! After all, we never want to wake a sleeping baby, right? You may not get to hog your kid for long. Because once they start walking on their new walker (if you are looking for one, make sure you check the baby walker review summary first), you may not get the chance to wear the cuddle much.

They're mine, hands off!

Unless they ASK for a cuddle, hands off, please!

4. Become the Queen of Public Displays of Affection
Just in case you’ve ever felt shy about public displays of affection, like holding hands, rubbing backs, or kissing… well, now is your chance to get over it! You may just find yourself kissing the top of a head, caressing little toes, and even… yes… nibbling little earlobes! I swear! If those cute little body parts are in reach, you might now be able to keep your hands off!



5. Take Incredibly Cute Selfies and Smear Them All Over Social Media
Seriously, what do you have to look forward to in a few years, or even when you’re old and gray? You’ll want to look at selfies of you toting around your tiny little babe, duh! And if you’re not into selfies, you can visit an El Dorado Hills maternity photographer or similar photographer in your local area to take photos for you. You can post your selfies or photos on Facebook, Instagram and other social media and make people want to wear their babies too. Who knows, you could be at the forefront of starting a new craze! Either that or you can just provide a couple of laughs for your followers, whilst potentially gaining new ones in the process. If you ask me, that is definitely very likely to happen, especially if you give this instaboostgram review a read to see how growth services can give you the boost you need. Although, I think just providing your followers with funny photographs like this is enough to make a difference. Baby wearing is catching, don’t you know?

Do you know the skill level required for taking these sorts of selfies!  You will get there, I promise!

Do you know the skill level required for taking these sorts of selfies! You will get there, I promise!

If you really want to buy a baby carrier now, there are so many awesome options.

For a comprehensive list of different types of carrier, check out my friend’s blog post here.

For purchasing wraps in the US, I recommend Wrap Your Baby

For purchasing wraps in Australia, I recommend, Woven Wraps Australia or Wrap ‘Em

If you are reading this and have any other advice for new mothers or those who are just getting into baby-wearing, please feel free to post in the comments section!

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Scrummy babies are the best!

Scrummy babies are the best!

More impressive tandem wearing shots to plaster over social media!

An impressive tandem wearing shot while wearing my pajamas, to plaster all over over social media!

Wakame salad on the cheek!  No problem.

Wakame salad on the cheek! No problem.

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