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Please Take a Moment to Openly Brag About Your Husband

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All that was on my mind tonight, was giving the kids a tub, brushing their teeth and putting them to bed. But, my husband, had better plans and yelled out, “Let’s go watch the circus!!” My husband is 18 years older than me, and has more energy and enthusiasm than a teenager… True story.

*Cringe* I didn’t want to go… it was late, the kids were tired, and we had already been to the circus TWO TIMES during the weekend! But, this was no ordinary circus, you see. It was an awesomely entertaining acrobatic circus, it was free and it was 5 minutes from our house. Before I even had a chance to voice my opinions about bedtime, the kids yelled out “YAY!!! Let’s GO!!!” We decided that I would stay home. They would have more fun without me, I would have just been grumpy. So, I stayed home, did the dishes, washed the floor and enjoyed an hour or so of peace and quiet. Yes, I said “enjoyed“… tell me you don’t know the feeling of sitting in your very own clean house, even if it only lasts for a few minutes, before total destruction happens (again).

As I was sitting there, enjoying my peace and quiet, I *nearly* posted a comment on Facebook, saying something about how awesomely energetic my husband is when… I thought twice. I better not. Don’t want to offend anyone… Wait what?!?!

I face-brag about everything else! So, why did I hesitate to say something about how awesome my husband is for taking his kids out to have a fun time?

Yes, I know there are plenty of deadbeat dads and husbands out there. And, the internet is FULL of rants against them. But, for every deadbeat guy, I have to believe that there are dozens of awesome ones out there. But how come we rarely hear about them? Guys who won’t complain about a messy house. Guys that mischievously wind the kids up before bed at the risk of getting yelled at by their wives (they just want to have fun!). Ones that tell you it doesn’t matter if you hair hasn’t been brushed or your legs haven’t been shaved or that your shirt is too wrinkly (true story). And, guys that go out shopping with their daughters and magically come home with matching purple tutus (another true story). I know that my husband is not the only one… right?

Words have power and intention behind them. Really! So, which way do we want our energy to flow? I know it’s fun to bitch and moan. And, sometimes women complain about the man in their lives because they are sincerely looking for support and help. Sometimes, there truly is an issue, and that should not be overlooked. But, too often, we find it so easy to complain about small things. Can’t we also say positive things when our husbands do something awesome? Can we *openly* say that our husbands are the best, without feeling bad for bragging?

So, I want to hear it. I want to hear more good things about husbands or partners. If I was holding back from saying something nice about my husband, then I know other people are doing the same! Please, for your husband’s sake and for your own, don’t by shy! Let everyone know how awesome they are! Even if they’re not awesome all the time… surely they have something positive going on? And, if you keep saying they’re awesome, who knows, maybe one day, they really will be awesome 😉

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