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Go Ahead, Mix Brown

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Who am I to tell you what your creative process should look like?

As a kid, I was probably taught to keep my colors separate. I can’t remember exactly.

I certainly remember being told to color in the lines.

I remember being taught the right way to draw things… and guess what?

I suck at painting and drawing. Suck bad at it. I was a sensitive type, so every time someone would correct my creativity, without me asking for advice, I would get pulled out of the creative process and start to question my ability. I started thinking that I sucked at painting and drawing, so I stopped.

You can paint however you want, sweetie.

It’s just paint.

It’s just paint.

Whatever you create is perfect.

I let your older sister paint brown and draw rubbish.

Now, I love her drawings and paintings. They are so hilarious and unique. She knows how to keep her colors separate and I never had to teach her that. Actually, she yelled at you today because you were messing up her purple.

So go ahead, mix brown, draw scribble and paint squiggles… be my guest.

It’s just paint.

It’s just color.

Whether you learn to keep your colors separate or not, I don’t care. Because keeping colors separate is not as important to me as your confidence.




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