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“There’s No Skill in Playing Candy Land”

Candy Land

A few weeks ago, my brother and I were asked by my 5 year old, to play Candy Land. We both sort of rolled our eyes. I used to love playing Candy Land as a kid, but as an adult, we both agreed, Candy Land seems sort of boring because there’s no obvious skill in playing it, from adult’s perspective. You pick a card from a pile and you move ahead or behind according to the card you pick. It’s especially boring because my daughter’s starting to play much more interesting games, but she still asks to play Candy Land.

While there’s no obvious skill to playing Candy Land as an adult, here is a list of all the not-so-obvious skills that my kids, ages 3 and 5, learned today, from setting up and playing Candy Land.

  1. You have to wait your turn.
  2. Colors and how many spaces to move ahead. Following the path.
  3. Communication and hand eye coordination. One clumsy move and you knock everything over.
  4. You have to follow the rules, or other people get mad (3 year old skipping ahead the trail in order to get to the gingerbread house, 5 year old getting mad).
  5. It makes other people sad to sabotage the board game by knocking down the other’s players pieces. (3 year old)
  6. Only one person wins (I much prefer collaborative games, but this is the game they like to play).
  7. In order to make room to play, we first need to clean up a suitable playing space, free from other toys and other debris, in the living room.
  8. Patience for others who are learning (5 year old gets frustrated by 3 year old).
  9. Kicking your opponent in real life, is not part of the rules of the game and can disqualify you from the event.
  10. Little siblings have less attention span than big siblings would like them to have.
  11. You need to clean up when you’re finished, or your board game might get stepped on and ruined.


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