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We’re All Weird, Deal With It

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How weird would your life seem to a stranger, if they could live a day in your shoes.

I was at the park a while ago and this was how a conversation went:

Me: “We  homeschool.

Mum at the park: “Oh, just be careful, those homeschoolers can be WEIRD!

That’s funny” I thought to myself, “I was just thinking that you’re pretty weird yourself.”

Seriously, we’re all weird.

Think of all the weird and wacky things you do every day that would seem insane to another person. Do you know the things I’m talking about? You do…

Then, there’s the weird way of thinking. The neuron pathways (the way you think) that formed in my brain, when I was a kid, have a unique pattern, that only I can make sense of. Even when you find your ‘soul mate‘, you’ll find that the person you seem to have the most in common with, also thinks differently than you, in a least a few departments. You think the way they think is ‘weird‘, but to them, it’s their reality.

Every single person is living in his or her own weird little universe, don’t think there’s any such thing as ‘normal‘.

There are 7 billion minds on this planet, meaning there are potentially 7 billion thoughts bubbling up at any given moment. The next moment, another new set of 7 billion thoughts will arise, because that’s how frequently people’s minds race from here to there.

People’s opinions, experiences and situations change all the time. Remember that you are changing too.

If people are ‘weird‘ to the point of doing something illegal, um, yeah, that’s not good, but within the realm of legality, just remember that almost anything can go. So, next time you think someone is weird, don’t judge, put a stranger in your shoes for a day and see how ‘weird‘ we all are.

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