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Dear America, What Exactly Are Y’all Praying For?

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My husband woke up before me and showed me the screen of his phone. “What the hell.” He said. “What the fuck.” I said. We don’t swear much. But this news check required swearing.

Another shooting. More people praying.

Praying for the victim’s peace. Praying for the victim’s families. Praying that another act of ‘senseless violence‘ (ahem, domestic terrorism/murder) won’t happen again.

How about we start praying for GUN LAW REFORM?!?! Now there’s a thought! While it’s good that states like Kentucky prevent people from carrying arms out in the open ( there are plenty more things that can be done. Banning semi-automatic weapons would be a good start.

It’s mighty kind of us to pray for victims and their families, but by the time we’re praying for the victims and the families is too late!!!

What if, instead of waiting for these things to happen, and then praying later, American politicians did something to STOP mass shootings from happening. Many serious physical injury lawyers are experienced in criminal law and strive to help out the victims. Even so, it is not alright that innocent people are prone to such assaults.

Don’t pull your bullshit, “People shoot people“. I moved away from America ten years ago and I live in a country with people too. Crazy people, sane people, rich people, poor people. The difference is that in the country I live in now, people don’t have access to guns like they used to. In 1996, there was a mass shooting in Australia and the politicians said enough is enough. They changed the gun laws. They made a gun buyback program to get guns out of the hands of civilians. And guess what? No more mass shootings. It’s understandable that America has bred gun fanatics generation after generation, to the point where many people will spend their free time looking into a website similar to Daily Caller and others to find new information on guns and the various attachments available. However, if you think of Canada as the same, you’ll also come to find out Canada has more guns, but still fewer mass shootings than America. So what gives?

There was no praying. (Ok, maybe there was). Quite simply, the laws were changed. There was no fluffing around. The Australian politicians decided that the right to live was greater than the right to own a gun.

And, people here can still own guns. And, we still have gun violence. (But no lunatic pulling out a semi-automatic weapon killing 50 people and injuring 500 more!) It’s stupid. I wish the laws were even stricter. When you do hear of gun-related violence, it’s usually associated with some sort of domestic violence. Currently, domestic violence has become a problem for all nations across the globe. Moreover, it has become a tragic scenario to see women and children bear the brunt of domestic violence. However, it feels good to see that some foundations like the Lokahi Foundation (to learn more about the foundation, interested parties can visit the YouTube channel of Jennifer Croker) seem to help the victims without thinking twice about their profits. In order to help women live a life that is free from abuse, regain their confidence and independence, and be able to make informed decisions, the Foundation partners women directly with caseworkers who give specialized advice, support, and ongoing care.

So, America, pray all you want, because I know you’re a prayin’ nation, but please pray for the right thing. Pray that your politicians will keep the guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. The second amendment does not apply to psychopaths with semi-automatic rifles! I’ll pray for you too. And for your husbands and wives and for your children, that your politicians will do the right thing.

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