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Do You Follow the Golden Rule When Your Kids Take a Nap?

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Sweetness is...

Sweetness is…

I sometimes call myself the ‘Nap Nazi’.  Getting my kids down for a mid-day sleep at the same time is sort of my priority and I confess, I don’t like it when it doesn’t happen.  My girls are 3 1/2 and 12 months, and since the little one was born, I’ve been pretty diligent at getting them to nap at the same time.  Now, I am fully into gentle parenting, I would never do ‘Cry It Out‘ (or chuck ’em in the crib as some would say).  We cosleep, babywear, do EC (elimination communication), tandem breastfeed (you see where I’m going with this).  But I have to say, I am pretty stubborn when it comes to making sure that everyone gets some rest or ‘time out‘ and at the same time.  Since it’s just me at home with them all day (everyday) without the help of a village or extended family (curse you industrial revolution), I feel like it’s all the more reason that I consciously make an effort to get my kids to sleep at the same time so that I can rest too!  I think most mothers would agree that it’s really nice to have that time of peace… although, I know that many times the ‘peacefulness’ doesn’t always happen for various reasons… Read the rest of this entry

Do You Let your Kids Cry? Letting Babies and Children Cry, In a Gentle and Loving Way

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Strongly Attached

Strongly Attached

The house has been really trashed lately.  I mean, like REALLY trashed.  Margo’s three year old experiments and imaginary play have taken the mess to a whole new level.  She’s not destroying the house, just messing things up to the extreme.  Usually I can keep up with the mess, but I’ve been tired lately and letting things slide.  My husband’s been really busy at work, so everything has sort of been getting left a mess at the end of the night.  Despite Margo’s messes, the biggest mess in the house, is actually caused by ME, and it’s in the kitchen.  We don’t have a dish washer, and it only takes one day of not doing the dishes and you’ve got a pile…. Give it two days without doing them, and they’re literally stacked to the ceiling.  Since we’re trying to save money so I can stay at home, we eat at home almost all the time… the kitchen gets wrecked daily. Read the rest of this entry

Keeping Young Children and Babies on a Schedule (With Lots of Room For Spontaneity)

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Days like these, when routine goes out the window!

Days like these, when routine goes out the window!

We were just getting into the car to go home at 2:45 pm and Margo (almost 3  1/2) was starting to get delirious.  You know, speaking tongues and crying over everything… end of the world things like  wanting mommy to buckle her into the carseat instead of daddy, etc.  By the time we got home and inside, it was about 3:00pm, she cried some more about not wanting to take a nap, or that she didn’t have to pee before she went to bed (even though she did), etc.  We all got into bed (queen size, can you say squish), Art rubbed Margo’s back for about 2 minutes, and probably by 3:03pm, she was out like a light. Read the rest of this entry

Ode to the Babies

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Poetry lovers beware!  My first (and probably last) crack at poetry since high school…


Ode to a baby, so simple and pure.
Ode to a baby, wordless wonder you are.

New to the world, you beautiful soul.
Who will you be, what will you do?
What things will you see and where will you go?

Watching and learning and bouncing and squirming.
Giggling and growing and bumping and rolling.

Ok, I admit, it’s not always perfect, it’s sometimes insane.
Some days are a bumble and my sleepy eyes are in pain!

But, in the big picture, you’re still very cute.
I tell all those around me, ‘You’re a riot, what a hoot!’

Nine months in my tummy was just not enough
So, now I’ll smoosh you and squeeze you and love you and stuff.

I’ll kiss all those fingers.
Toes, cheeks and nose.
And when you make those sweet gurgley sounds, OH, you know  I love those!

I’ll soak up each moment, my beautiful love.
When I tote you around on me, you fit like a glove.

But, I’m sorry to say, it goes all too fast,
Like a broken record I say, ‘look how you do this, just look at that!’.

Toddler-hood looming, each day that goes past.
Tiny hands turn to big paws extraordinarily fast.

When I think to the future, in days far away
I hope that I can, I hope that I might…
Remember the feel of that babe I held on to so tight.

Babywearing Rear View Mirror Review

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View of the precious cargo behind

View of the precious cargo behind

Over the course of three and a half years, I’ve racked up more hours of babywearing that I can possibly count.  Once both of my babies have reached about six months old, they were over the 95 percentile for weight, so I’ve done the majority of babywearing on my back.  As much as I like the cuddly front carries and kissing the top of a fresh little head, I don’t particularly like the feeling of being perpetually pregnant, which is sometimes how I feel when I have a fat baby on my front.  Back carries are great because not only are your hands free, but you can also bend over easily.  The only problem with a back carry is that you can’t always see what’s going on back there, and many times you can’t reach back there to ‘feel’ what’s going on either.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to ask my husband, or even my three year old daughter to ‘just have a peak at the baby and see what she’s doing‘.   I ask even more frequently if my baby is small and has fallen asleep, just to make sure that the airway is clear (of course, it always is, I just always want to double check). Read the rest of this entry

Skip the Gym: Babywearing for the Win, Again!

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I've got something on my back!

I’ve got something on my back!

Ladies! Get this! That cute little baby, you know the one who made you stretch and grow in places that you never thought you could stretch and grow in?  Well, that same cute little baby can help you get back to the way you were before (or even better). No gyms, no classes, nothing crazy. All it requires is a little walk around the block. Read the rest of this entry

The Un-List of Everything You Need For a New Baby

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The first born... only a few days old.

The first born… only a few days old.

In July, 2013, the whole world had their attention on a little royal baby. At the time, I had just recently had a baby myself. So naturally, I started thinking about fresh little newborns. The photos of Will and Kate, gracefully showing off their (gasp) one day old newborn on the steps of the hospital where he was born made me a little sick at first (well, they weren’t exactly on parade, they did *actually* have to leave the hospital). At first I was a little bit like, ewww… whatever, royal baby, and Kate looks perfect the day after giving birth and with make up on, and perfect baby boy and she won’t have to lift a finger to do anything and everything is perfect, perfect, perfect… vomit in my throat. But, then I looked at a few more pictures and the vomit in my throat actually turned to compassion and familiarity. They had the same awkward first-time parent look that I had when I took my first born home from the hospital. My husband even has pictures of us taking her to the car to prove it. Read the rest of this entry

Onya Baby Carrier Product Review

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There's a kid onya :)

Aleshia, from Onya, came across my blog and sent me this sample Onya baby carrier months and months ago.  She seemed super friendly and it turns out that she used to live and surf right near where we live now!  How cool! Read the rest of this entry

Very Extended and Tandem Breastfeeding: A Few Raised Eyebrows for Sure

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Big kid, loves boobs

Big kid, loves boobs

The other day, I was watching this clip of Maggie Gyllenhall, talking about breastfeeding her baby while she was shooting for the movie, White House Down.  The actress was saying how her daughter was only 2 1/2 months old when she started the filming, which seems crazy to me… Two months post partum and if I had as much money as her and I think I would be hunkered down with my baby wrapped on my chest and my pajamas on… forget having make up on and being on a movie set… but anyway…  It got me to thinking though… why is breastfeeding such a big deal?  I’m not talking even about breastfeeding in public, or breastfeeding a three year old, but I mean, just breastfeeding in general?  The talk show host certainly seemed a bit conservative about the whole thing, and also was a little confused when Maggie said she was ‘like, really breastfeeding‘… which is right, which is what you do when you have a tiny baby.  Anyway… Read the rest of this entry

Days Like These, So Easily Forgotten: Winter Solstice 2013

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toothless grin

The last of the toothless grin shots

I stuck my finger in Goldie’s mouth today to find not one, but TWO little teeth starting to poke their way through her gums.  One on the top and one on the bottom.  It’s about time, she’s already 10 1/2 months old!  Not that I mind her being a late teether, that means less teeth to brush and less chances of her trying out her new chompers out on my nipple!  For a kid who doesn’t have any teeth, she sure likes to eat a lot.  You see those cookies in the background of the picture?  Well, we baked them together and she helped me devour them, one by one. Read the rest of this entry