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How to Make the Best Paper Airplane for Small Spaces, According to My Dad

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Go Away Pinterest! Let the Children be Free to Learn!


I had a spare moment the other day while the girls were sleeping, and I had that feeling, like, “I should be doing more with the kids…”   Read the rest of this entry

DIY Fabric Memory Game Cards

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Please excuse the un-vacuumed rug

Please excuse the un-vacuumed rug

I wasn’t sure we were going to this 3 year old birthday party, until a few hours before it started. Being Sunday, it was too early to go the shops to buy a present, and plus, I like making birthday gifts myself. I did a quick perusal on Pinterest, (as you do), found an idea, ran it past hubby and he came up with these DIY (do it yourself) fabric memory cards. I had Art helping me, and two kids to take care of (who were unusually crazy that rainy Sunday morning), but the finished product happened about 45 minutes after starting and cost a total of less than a few dollars in materials. There’s still a massive mess at the kitchen table to clean up, but the production was pretty smooth. Read the rest of this entry

Salt and Watercolor Kids Craft

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Kept this kid busy for ages!

Kept this kid busy for ages!

Recommended Ages: 2-ish to 48 (well… my husband did one and he thought it was really cool).


Paper: watercolor paper, card stock, poster board

watercolor paint

white school glue

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Over the Top! Tie Dye and Rainbows!

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Rainbows and Tie Dyes, Oh My!

It sort of hit me today, as I was playing with Margo at the playground today… Goldie was in a high back carry, in my Easycare rainbow wrap. Margo had her freshly tie dyed t-shirt from yesterday’s tie dying adventure. I had on these gypsie flowy pants… We were all fairly clean and properly shod… But, then I saw us in the reflection of some glass window and thought, ‘Oh man, we are just over the top today! Rainbows and tie dye!?!’. Oh my! Read the rest of this entry

Water Color, Water Play, on a Rainy Day

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I took out the measuring spoons for extra precision :)

I took out the measuring spoons for extra precision 🙂

You know you’ve lived in Australia too long when: you go to spell ‘colour’ like ‘color’ and even though you grew up in America, it feels weird.  Anyway, here’s a quick, easy (and potentially messy) idea for preschool age kids.  I only say preschool age kids, instead of toddlers, because I’m thinking food dye.. stains on carpets.. well, it’s up to you, I don’t mind messes too much 🙂 Read the rest of this entry

Solar Eclipse and My Burning Retinas

how to view a solar eclipse

Keep the sun behind you. How to safely view a solar eclipse.

I couldn’t stop myself. I had to look! It’s like scratching an itch. Sticking your tongue deep into a cold sore. Picking a pimple. Licking your chapped lips. I had to look at the sun during the solar eclipse!   Read the rest of this entry

One of Those Days: I’m Eating All the Chocolate and NOT Doing the Dishes!

Tandem Baby Wearing

Tandem Baby Wearing, it wasn’t even for fun, it was just one of those days.

I don’t know why today was so crazy.  I have a suspicion that it was because Margo was on her last day of antibiotics.  Her guts are now completely messed up.   Read the rest of this entry

Baby Ring Slings and Elimination Communication Mini Fail

Baby Ring Sling

Finally: the ring sling… will have to wait until morning to try it out!

Each day we’re starting to feel more like normal human beings around here.   Read the rest of this entry

Hanging Felty Flowers

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Hanging Felt Flowers

Goldie loves these, she ‘coos’ and smiles at them. Doesn’t take much to make my heart melt xoxo

I made these cute little hanging felt flowers and leaves to hang over Goldie’s ‘Potty/Change Table Set-Up’. Her station is right in the middle of the living room, so everyone gets to enjoy the flowers! It’s a pretty simple project, hardly costs anything, and only takes about an hour or two depending on how many flowers and leaves you want to make.

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