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How to Take a Shower With a Baby

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It has come to my attention that many mothers with babies and young children often don’t get a chance to shower. So, I wanted to share how I shower with a baby. In case it isn’t obvious, my son and I don’t shower with our swim suits on! I only covered up so that Facebook doesn’t ban my video for indecency.

I’ve taken my babies into the shower with me from when they were newborns. Please keep in mind your physical and emotional well being. If you’re recovering from birth, have any back problems, or feel anxious about holding a slippery baby in a shower, then this method might not work for you, but you can still take a shower and let your baby watch from the bouncer!

Babies are slippery when wet, so you do need a vice grip on them. If you feel a little hesitant the first time you try it, you can have your partner help you by passing the baby in and out of the shower.

If you are worried that your shower might be too small, then have you considered updating it as well? You might feel a bit more confident holding your baby in the shower if there is more space. You could also change up your shower design and install something like these glass shower doors. This way you can get the design you want, whilst also optimizing your space. If anything, it’s just a perfect excuse to redecorate your bathroom!

Don’t forget to make sure you only use products that are safe for your baby! Babies can have sensitive and eczema prone skin, so it’s important to use body washes and shampoos that are gentle and contain natural ingredients. Also, keep track of water pH and check shower fixtures and pipes for rust. Using contaminated water can cause skin and eye irritation to a baby. You can explore some local plumbing companies and hire a plumber to get the pipes repaired or replaced. The corrosive water can also cause severe health problems, not just in kids but also in adults, if not resolved quickly.

While choosing skincare product for a new born, you can consider researching organic products that are specifically made for them. Mustela in Australia is available online on Priceline, Kiana Beauty and Chemist Warehouse and is an excellent range if you’re looking for skincare products for babies that contain no harmful chemicals.

Babies might pee in the bouncer! Try to take them in the shower just after they’ve gone, or if you’re not sure of when they went last, you can put a thick wash cloth down or leave their diaper under them, (just leave it open, so you can pick them up easily)

Same as with a bath, make sure the water temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, as baby skin is very delicate. Obviously, it’s better that the water is warm, not cold. In order to do this, you will need a working boiler to make sure hot water can be produced. If your boiler isn’t currently working, it might be worth contacting a boiler installation company to replace the boiler. Once you have hot water, make sure to add some cold water to ensure it’s not too hot for the baby. You can also shower your other children at this time… imagine an assembly line…

Enjoy being clean! Share with your friends who have babies or are about to have babies… they might be struggling to take a shower too!

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