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The Fascinating Reason Why Kids Have So Much Energy: Balance, Behavior and Longevity


When I was doing Know Your Child Teacher Training, my instructor asked us if we knew the reason why kids have so much energy.

None of us really knew the answer, but we all agreed that kids have ridiculous amounts of energy. Read the rest of this entry

Life’s Either a Problem or an Adventure

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It was quite an effort to get everyone out of the house this morning by 7:30am. Double check to make sure we had water bottles, spare clothes in case the kids wrecked the ones they had on. Has everyone gone to the toilet? Check. Has everyone eaten breakfast? Check. Does everyone have clothes on that are covering their private parts? Check. Let’s go. We were on our way to the Yogathon (like a marathon of yoga), an event to raise money for charity. Read the rest of this entry

When the World Feels As One

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I’ve never actually prayed for somebody’s soul before. I’m not religious, so don’t ask me what praying for somebody’s soul even means. But for some reason, last night, at one in the morning, I sat straight up in bed and did just that. It was pretty weird. While I did love Robin Williams, and he was, like, the funniest, most creative actor ever, I certainly was never obsessed with him or thought of him too often. But, last night, for whatever reason, my heart was aching over his death. Someone I’ve never even met. I mean, yes, I must have watched Aladdin eighteen million times when I was a kid, and yes, I secretly/not-so-secretly think The World According to Garp is one of my all time favorite movies. But still, why was I thinking about Robin Williams at one in the morning? Read the rest of this entry