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Tis the Season: Will You Be $pending Your Money on Violence for the Kids This Year?


Put your hands up!” he said, holding his imaginary gun. “BANG!!! You’re DEAD!”

The look in his eyes was playful and he wanted me to think he was being funny…. But, I couldn’t even pretend to crack a smile. Instead, I glared back at him with this over-exaggerated frown on my face. I felt bad for a second because I could see that he was disappointed I didn’t want to play his game. But, my frown didn’t budge. It COULDN’T budge. I didn’t know this kid, he was about 8 or 9 years old and was just one of the many kids running around at the playground that day. Read the rest of this entry

Lucky Seattle Residents: Brian Carver Running For City Council

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What a top-notch family!

What a top-notch family!

Why is a stay at home mom, who is living in Australia, writing a political blog about some guy, running for Seattle City Council? I have two young kids, a baby and a 3 year old and I write a parenting blog mostly dedicated to posts on baby poos and baby vomit…. So why do I care about Seattle? I am, in fact, an American citizen, but I grew up in New Jersey… Seattle is pretty far from home. Read the rest of this entry