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Children Under 7 Have No Concept of Time: Helping Kids Understand ‘Time’.

Have you ever said to your kid, “We’re leaving in five minutes!” The time comes and they totally blow you off? Or, they legitimately ask you 399 times in the car “are we there yet?” even though you told them that the GPS says 10 more minutes?! Or, thirty seconds before you leave the house, they get involved with imaginary play? Even though you’ve been telling them all along that we’re leaving “in a few minutes“?

It’s because young kids have a very limited concept of time. For babies and young toddlers, you can just about forget about it. They live so much in the present moment, every moment to them is new and fresh. This is why kids can be crying one minute and laughing the next. It’s very beautiful, but can be super frustrating for us adults who are stuck in the world of time!

Don’t you remember, as a kid, how long everything felt? I remember summer vacation feeling like an eternity! And long car trips were torturous because I thought I might die of old age before we ever reached our destination. Or, the reverse. I would go out to play in the backyard, and get lost in time, playing with sticks and leaves and mud. Read the rest of this entry

Parenting Through The Holidays, Family Visits and Travel


My family and I just returned to Australia from a 5 week trip visiting family and friends in America. While it was really nice to see everyone, the trip and the type of traveling we did really pushed me to the limits. All of my parenting knowledge was put to the most extreme test. I’ve been reflecting on everything I learned over those five weeks and I wanted to share my experience with you.

Secure the house

When you’re away for as long as 5 weeks, at some point someone is going to notice that your house is empty, especially during the festive season. Houses are usually glowing with warm lights and bustling with visiting friends and family at this time of year, so a dark, quiet house is going to stick out like a sore thumb. If a passer-by notices your house is empty, a potential thief is going to notice too. Burglars actually go around neighbourhoods at this time of the year looking for empty homes to break into, so as you leave for your holiday, make sure your windows are closed, your alarm systems are turned on and your doors are locked.

In the weeks running up to your holiday, make your neighbors aware that you’ll be away. Tell them when you’re going, when you’re coming back and where you’ll be. This way, they’ll be able to keep an eye on your house. If you’re on good terms with them, make sure they have a key so that they can get into your house in an emergency. You can also ask them to pick up your post so that it’s not obvious nobody is home to pick it up. Additionally, tell your neighbors to feel free to park in your driveway so that it looks like somebody is home. This can be especially useful if your neighbors are planning to have their own gathering where friends and family will be visiting and they need more parking space. If you have lights on timers, make sure your neighbors are aware of this too, otherwise, they may think someone is inside. Finally, make sure your neighbors have your phone number so that they can call you if needed.

Mentally prepare the kids

Briefly explain the logistics of what’s going to happen, how and when. As much as you may want to rent a private jet and travel in luxury, this isn’t an option for most of us. There’s no avoiding the hassle of commercial flying, so you need to try and manage what your children will experience. If you sense any fear or anxiety, fun role-playing can help. If you know you have to do something that your child will not enjoy (long plane ride, meeting strange relatives, sleeping in an unfamiliar place, using public toilets, etc.), you can do role playing to help lighten the blow. Read the rest of this entry

Kid Acting Defiant? How Power Reversal Games Can Save You, Without Using Punishment

Powerreversal games

My daughter, Margo (4 1/2), had been acting so difficult for the past few days. Really, annoying her sister and me to the max. Refusing to leave the playground when I needed her to leave. Refusing the shower. Refusing to go to the toilet, even when I knew she was busting. I wasn’t being over-anal either, she was actually driving everyone insane! Read the rest of this entry

My Four Year Old Doesn’t Know What the Word ‘Naughty’ Means

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A few months ago, we were walking with a friend and we saw some older kids in the neighborhood getting into some mischief. My friend said to my daughter, “Those boys are being naughty!” My daughter looked at me and whispered, “What does ‘naughty’ mean?  Read the rest of this entry

What’s Eating at Picky Eaters: Naturally Getting Kids to Eat

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For some parents, getting their children to eat something healthy is a worry on a day-to-day basis. There’s nothing novel about my ideas on getting kids to eat well, and there’s no gimmicks, bribery, sneaking healthy foods, or magic, but it works. Many children have the ability to self regulate their food intake to maintain a healthy body and mind, however, for other kids it can be quite a challenge. Here’s a few ideas that you probably already know, but maybe have forgotten about. Read the rest of this entry

4 Fun Yet Powerful Ways to Get Toddlers and Preschoolers to Cooperate

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I’m pretty laid back when it comes to letting my kids be free range. But, there are certain times when I just can’t let them play with something… and sometimes I absolutely need to get something out of their hands or I have to get them to do something or we need to leave somewhere. Teeth brushing, getting dressed, leaving the playground, etc. You know the deal… can be a huge struggle. But there are few little tools that I’ve found hugely useful over the years. No bribery. No punishments or rewards. No sticker charts… Just fun! Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Forget to Use Your Stickers


When my daughter was a baby, my husband and I were shopping and we found some Dr. Suess stickers in a store. Having been huge Dr. Suess fans ourselves, as children, we bought three packs. Honestly, the stickers were beautiful as one can see in the picture. They were perfectly designed and finished. Perhaps the makers had hired a company, like Tru-Cut LLC that offers dye cutting and spot/flood UV services–both techniques known to be used in the process of making stickers to give the products a lasting finish.

Anyway, I think I got too carried away from the topic! But I think my overwhelming emotions can be justified. I mean getting to reread Dr. Suess books was practically the main reason we had children in the first place, right? Margo was only a baby, so we thought she wouldn’t know how to enjoy a pack of stickers… so we packed them away in a place where she could use them when she was old enough to appreciate them. Read the rest of this entry

Kids Need Daycare for Socialization!? Hellz to the No!


The past week at the beach, Margo (nearly 4 years old), has been on a serious mission to make new friends. She’ll spot some kid (usually a girl dressed in pink), who is relatively her age, but often a quite a few years older and says, “Mom, do you see that girl waaaay over there? Is it ok if I go and play with her?” Read the rest of this entry

Year in Review of a Stay at Home Mother: Don’t Mind Me, I’m Raising Some Kids

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Thanks… because I like eating already-been-chewed food (not).

Something awesome happened to me this year and you’ll never guess what it was. No rad overseas holidays. No life-changing events (like births or illnesses). I didn’t win the lottery. I didn’t find out I was pregnant with quadruplets. There were no profound life realizations. I didn’t learn a new sport or win anything. I didn’t find a ‘job’ and I still haven’t paid back my student loans (though I suppose if I really need help with those I can go to SoFi for refinancing options). And, I certainly never got around to cleaning out that pesky guest bedroom closet! Read the rest of this entry

Diverting a Minor Upset: A Celery Science Experiment


This poor kid has a science teacher for a mother.

I’ve been trying to get this plant to grow on my balcony for a couple of weeks now.  Today, Margo came over to me with one of the leaves in her hand.  She had picked it off the plant, because she said she, “though it was pretty.” Read the rest of this entry