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Why I Wouldn’t Go on the Paleo Diet in a Million Years


Imagine powered by Katesurf’s Sharpie marker

For a while, I felt left out… out of the loop… But, I just couldn’t buy into the whole Paleo diet, and now I know why. Read the rest of this entry

Diverting a Minor Upset: A Celery Science Experiment


This poor kid has a science teacher for a mother.

I’ve been trying to get this plant to grow on my balcony for a couple of weeks now.  Today, Margo came over to me with one of the leaves in her hand.  She had picked it off the plant, because she said she, “though it was pretty.” Read the rest of this entry

Solar Eclipse and My Burning Retinas

how to view a solar eclipse

Keep the sun behind you. How to safely view a solar eclipse.

I couldn’t stop myself. I had to look! It’s like scratching an itch. Sticking your tongue deep into a cold sore. Picking a pimple. Licking your chapped lips. I had to look at the sun during the solar eclipse!   Read the rest of this entry