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The Most Boring Breastfeeding Story That You Should Definitely Read

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For every triumphant breastfeeding story out there, I’m sorry to say, this is not one of them. For every woman that has gone above, over and beyond the reasonable call of duty to breastfeed, I’m not one of them. Although my story is not one of the exciting ones, I still think it’s important for me to share the very ordinary happenings on my breastfeeding journey, thus far.

For me, there were no tremendous hurdles that I jumped in those early days of breastfeeding. I had a single, full term baby, with no lip or tongue ties. My milk came in no problems. I was tender and sore for a bit, but nothing earth shattering. There was no pumping everyday to get my supply up. Later down the track, there was no pumping to try and feed a young baby while I was at work. (I went back to work when my kids were older and by then, I didn’t have to pump). There was nobody telling me I should go breastfeed my baby in the toilets… I fed my babies wherever I damn well pleased. I’ve had full support from my family, friends and husband. There was nobody hard on my case telling me that I should wean. I’ll remind you again, it’s really the most uninteresting breastfeeding story out there… and, just for that reason, I think it’s important to share.

My older daughter just turned four years old the other day (and the little one is 19 months). Four years is one thousand, four hundred and sixty days. Besides the one day when she was about 2 years old and we just plain forgot, it’s been every day since she was born, of hauling the old girls out for breastfeeding. The one day we did forgot was when I was about 7 months pregnant with her little sister and I had worked all day. She fell asleep that evening without even asking. I thought maybe it was the first signs of weaning but, oh, was I wrong! Once my milk came in after after the birth of her little sister, it was game on, all over again.

I never set out to accomplish any tremendous breastfeeding goal. I never planned to breastfeed for X amount of months or years. I just took it one day at a time. One day at a time. One day at a time.

There was one little rough patch, when my older one was about 2 1/2 years old and her little sister was about 2 months old. I was feeling some pretty strong toddler nursing aversions (it’s very common to feel this way, I wrote a post on it) , and I was sort of over it with her. But, rather than wean her because she was annoying me, I just decided to limit our sessions to a few times a day, and it solved the problem within a few months. I still get the annoying aversion on occasion… It’s this toe curling, blood boiling feeling, and when I do, I just tell her, “Sorry, we’ll have to do it again later.” Sometimes we even skip a day or two, and it’s really no dramas.

I certainly don’t go bragging to anyone that I’ve been breastfeeding for four years… because it’s not really an ‘accomplishment‘ in my mind. It’s just the way things have happened for us. I’m not doing it for selfish reasons and I’m not a martyr… it’s just the way it is.

People have such strange ideas about how long the ‘appropriate‘ durations of a breastfeeding career should be. Breastfeed for too short (or not at all) and you’ve got people criticizing you… breastfeed for too long (ahem, four years?!) and again, people start thinking you’re bonkers. Breastfeeding two kids of different ages, like I’m doing and…oh boy, I’m a lunatic, right?!

Well, stuff ’em all. This is just my my ordinary breastfeeding story.

Sometimes, breastfeeding is just a non-event. Although we often hear about the struggles (and I’m not trying to take away from those stories because there are some real tear jerkers out there), it’s not ALWAYS a difficult journey. Luckily, I’m surrounded with people who support me. I never have to defend my decisions.

So, when will she wean, I’m sure there must be a FEW people out there who wonder that… Geez, I don’t know, but I do know that she won’t be going to her first job with a boob in her mouth. What do you think?

When Nursing Your Child Gives You the Heebie Jeebies and A Tandem Breastfeeding Anniversary

arm rolls extraordinaire

Arm Rolls Extraordinaire

Can I make my own definition here?

Nursing Aversion:  The toe-curling, blood-boiling, rip-your-hair-out, bite-the-back-of-your-hand and want-to-go-running-down-the-street-screaming feeling that you may get when your toddler asks for the boobies (again). Read the rest of this entry

Angel Comfy Nursing Bra, Product Review


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Pre-kids, I was a ‘never wear underwire and rip my bra off the second I stepped foot in the house‘ sort of gal.  My how things have changed since I’ve been breastfeeding non-stop for the past 3 1/2 years.  I now pretty much have to wear a bra 24/7.  So, you can bet, that the bras I wear, absolutely, 100% MUST be comfortable.  This one that I got from Nursing Angel, of Australia, is overall, pretty good.  Nursing Angel sells lots of maternity and nursing gear, breastpumps, a few baby carriers, etc.  The customer service was good, I had my bra delivered to my doorstep very quickly.  The bra comes in three colours, black, nude and white.  I think the sizes are S,M,L, XL, but it doesn’t seem to be listed on their website.  I’m generally a size 12 B and I fit well into a medium.    I’ve put together a list of things that I like about the bra and and some pointers on things that could be improved about this over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder 😉 Read the rest of this entry

Do You Follow the Golden Rule When Your Kids Take a Nap?

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Sweetness is...

Sweetness is…

I sometimes call myself the ‘Nap Nazi’.  Getting my kids down for a mid-day sleep at the same time is sort of my priority and I confess, I don’t like it when it doesn’t happen.  My girls are 3 1/2 and 12 months, and since the little one was born, I’ve been pretty diligent at getting them to nap at the same time.  Now, I am fully into gentle parenting, I would never do ‘Cry It Out‘ (or chuck ’em in the crib as some would say).  We cosleep, babywear, do EC (elimination communication), tandem breastfeed (you see where I’m going with this).  But I have to say, I am pretty stubborn when it comes to making sure that everyone gets some rest or ‘time out‘ and at the same time.  Since it’s just me at home with them all day (everyday) without the help of a village or extended family (curse you industrial revolution), I feel like it’s all the more reason that I consciously make an effort to get my kids to sleep at the same time so that I can rest too!  I think most mothers would agree that it’s really nice to have that time of peace… although, I know that many times the ‘peacefulness’ doesn’t always happen for various reasons… Read the rest of this entry

Very Extended and Tandem Breastfeeding: A Few Raised Eyebrows for Sure

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Big kid, loves boobs

Big kid, loves boobs

The other day, I was watching this clip of Maggie Gyllenhall, talking about breastfeeding her baby while she was shooting for the movie, White House Down.  The actress was saying how her daughter was only 2 1/2 months old when she started the filming, which seems crazy to me… Two months post partum and if I had as much money as her and I think I would be hunkered down with my baby wrapped on my chest and my pajamas on… forget having make up on and being on a movie set… but anyway…  It got me to thinking though… why is breastfeeding such a big deal?  I’m not talking even about breastfeeding in public, or breastfeeding a three year old, but I mean, just breastfeeding in general?  The talk show host certainly seemed a bit conservative about the whole thing, and also was a little confused when Maggie said she was ‘like, really breastfeeding‘… which is right, which is what you do when you have a tiny baby.  Anyway… Read the rest of this entry

Days Like These, So Easily Forgotten: Winter Solstice 2013

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toothless grin

The last of the toothless grin shots

I stuck my finger in Goldie’s mouth today to find not one, but TWO little teeth starting to poke their way through her gums.  One on the top and one on the bottom.  It’s about time, she’s already 10 1/2 months old!  Not that I mind her being a late teether, that means less teeth to brush and less chances of her trying out her new chompers out on my nipple!  For a kid who doesn’t have any teeth, she sure likes to eat a lot.  You see those cookies in the background of the picture?  Well, we baked them together and she helped me devour them, one by one. Read the rest of this entry

Sibling Spacing from an Attachment Parent Perspective… Is Three the Magic Number?

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The only double trolley at Coles!

The only double trolley at Coles!

My girls are two years and four and half months apart… just to be extremely exact. Margo was 20 months old when I found out I was pregnant. Early pregnancy exhaustion and nausea set in soon after I took that pregnancy test, and stayed there for about 2 or 3 months. I spent a lot of time laying down on the couch, reading Margo books, or half dozing while she toddled around in the living room. The first trimester was during the hottest summer months, and the heat made me stick to our vinyl couch… the thought of opening the fridge to cook something made my stomach turn and I made sure that every time Margo had a nap, I was passed out along side of her. It was pure luck and a huge blessing that the exhaustion happened just at the start of school holidays, so I was off from work until the worst of it subsided. Looking back at the whole thing I can draw a better picture of what it means to have two kids relatively close in age. I know some people have kids much closer together than I did, or some even have twins or more on their hands, but it was still ‘2 under 3’ and it was a bit of juggling act to get started (still is). Read the rest of this entry

To Nurse to Sleep or to Not… Does it Need To Be a Question?

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Little babes at play and at sleep

Little babes at play and at sleep

There’s all this silly controversy in the baby world of debaters and ‘experts’. The attachment parents (AP) say, ‘nurse your baby to sleep‘. The anti-AP (Is there a term for these people?) go on to great lengths warning parents that if they feed their babies to sleep that their baby will never learn to ‘self sooth‘ or whatever that is supposed to mean. In fact, the anti-AP’ers are probably concerned that your teenager will still be nursing themselves to sleep when they come home from high school (joking….). Ok, anyway, if you’ve read any of my other blog posts, you would know that I am adamantly AP. I co-sleep, breastfed a 3 year old (and her baby sister), baby wear, etc. etc. I was having a chat today, at one of our baby wearing meets, with a lovely mumma to four girls. At the moment, two of her girls are 6 months old twins, and we were talking about night waking/night feeding and how our babies fall asleep, etc. So, I thought I would share a bit on how differently I’ve put my girls to sleep. Read the rest of this entry

Night-Waking and Night-Weaning; It’s Not All Night-mares

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Can you believe, she's wearing my little brother's snow suit that is over twenty years old! Margo is a real Aussie...always dreaming of the day she can see snow.

Can you believe, she’s wearing my little brother’s snow suit that is over twenty years old! Margo is a real Aussie…always dreaming of the day she can see snow.

The attachment parents (AP) always cop it hard on this one: night waking.

We don’t let our kids ‘cry it out’, we wear them, we co-sleep, we breastfeed on demand, and some of us even take our babies to the toilet (called elimination communication), and yet it happens to almost all of us… the constant night waking.   Read the rest of this entry

Adventures in Tandem Breastfeeding: Seven Months In, With a Little Rough Patch

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What a punim!

What a punim!

Ok, once again, I can’t actually put a photo of me tandem breastfeeding because:

1. I didn’t have my phone handy to take a photo with

2. Because I don’t have a free hand to take a photo with anyway whilst tandem breastfeeding

3. Because most of the people who read this blog are from America, and my friend, whom I talked to today and is tandem feeding a 3 year old and 1 year old twins, told me today that people are weird about breastfeeding in America… so I don’t want to weird all you yanks out 😛 (joking) Read the rest of this entry