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Three Sick Girls and a Sitting Duck: Attachment Parenting when You’re Sick

Baby Wearing with a fever

Kangaroo Care, ‘Cooling off’ while she’s got a fever.

If I ever tell you that ‘I don’t get sick‘, you can call me a BIG FAT LIAR! As of the past ten days, I have been sick for nearly all of them. Read the rest of this entry

No Rest for the Weary: Mastitis Morning

Resting from Mastitis

I had a sleepy partner in crime!

I had to let Margo trash the house this morning.  As long as she wasn’t hurting herself or doing some thing dangerous, I was too exhausted from fever and a throbbing headache to to anything about it.  Art had something at work that he couldn’t get out of in the morning, but I told him right away that this thing wasn’t getting any better and that he best come home as soon as he could get out of there. Read the rest of this entry

The Hilarious Stare-down: Adventures in Tadem feeding

Tandem feeding toddler and a newborn

Whatch-you looking at?

I would have taken a photo of the girls with a boob each in their mouths, but, 1) phone camera was out of reach 2) even if I camera had been in reach, I wouldn’t dare have let go of either one of them to take a photo 3) I don’t want to put photos of my boobs on the internet?  But, this photo sums up the ‘Boobie Stare-down’ that happens when I tandem feed these girls. Read the rest of this entry