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Love Your Gall Bladder Green Soup


My friend, Maria, and I like to commiserate about our gall bladders. We both have a few little gall stones that like to play up sometimes, especially on dry and windy days. On one particular day, when our gall bladders were both trying to kill us, I went over to her house and she made this amazing green soup. Warm, wet, oily, filling, yet easy to digest. This is why the gall bladder loves it. The soup is even green, which is sort of the color of the gall bladder and the bile that is stored inside the gall bladder. Mmmm… The green soup doesn’t look like much, but it tastes delicious! Anyway, when I eat it, my gall bladder squirts for joy! Read the rest of this entry

Totally Herbacious Vegan Soup

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vegan soup

(I double dog dare you to make this without singing ‘Are You Going to Scarborough Fair’)

It’s winter in Australia and probably one of the coldest driest weeks we’ve had in a long time. My skin is all dry and the heels of my feet are cracked.  I knew that I needed something quick, warm and wet for dinner last night and I didn’t feel like making a mess with a million preparation pots. I also have quite a good herb garden on my balcony (it’s doesn’t get *that* cold in this part of Australia that you can’t grow a few herbs). It was the end of the week, so I wanted to use up the rest of my veggies, but you can use any veggies you want! Read the rest of this entry

Why I Totally Let My Kids Binge on Nasty Junk Food for Easter

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There was a knock at the door and in came my neighbors with two big bags of chocolate Easter eggs for the kids. Not the healthy organic kind. Not the ethical fair trade kind. Two big bags of nasty Cadbury Crunch Easters eggs, the kind that we would never actually buy. We smiled, said “Thank you” and proceeded to devour the nasty chocolate. The first bite of that stuff is a little bit revolting, especially if you don’t eat it very often. It’s really acidic tasting and almost burns your throat going down… But, then, you eat more and more and after a while, it’s all you want to eat. You eat so much of it that you can’t even feel your taste buds and you totally loose your appetite to eat any real food. Sound familiar? Read the rest of this entry

You May Never Want to Bake a Kid’s Birthday Cake Again!

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*Amateur fruit carver alert
When I first cut the giant piece of watermelon that you see in the photo, it was all lopsided and squirting juice everywhere. I was cracking up thinking how I would be taking a photo of it and making one of those ‘Pinterest Fail’ memes. But, then I started carving away and shaping it up and I started to see some hope. After I made it mostly symmetrical, I added some other fruit, totally making it up as I went along, gaining more hope by the minute that this might actually come out ok. In less than ten minutes, I had made this silly little fruit castle cake with turrets. And, do you know what?! The kids loved it! Like, their eyes popped out of their heads when they saw it and were asking me permission to eat some. When it was time for the ‘real‘ birthday cake that I made (the healthy vegan time consuming one), they mostly passed their noses up at it! Really!!! Ok, so make a fruit cake! It’s fast, healthy and the kids LOVE it!

I used skewers for the turrets and you could use toothpicks too

Why I Wouldn’t Go on the Paleo Diet in a Million Years


Imagine powered by Katesurf’s Sharpie marker

For a while, I felt left out… out of the loop… But, I just couldn’t buy into the whole Paleo diet, and now I know why. Read the rest of this entry

Eat, Sleep, Surf. Repeat. Merry Christmas!


Good waves on Christmas? That’s equal to a surfer’s white Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho! What a day! Santa delivered some super fun waves and a beautiful day! For once, we had very light winds too, normally, no matter what the wind direction is this time of year, it’s all windy and blowy (even when it’s hot). Read the rest of this entry

Amaze-balls Vegan Thickshake


It’s really hard not to take seconds of this vegan milkshake thing I made… Either that or you hope and pray that your kids don’t finish theirs, so that you can polish off every last drop. The key to this treat is the consistency. You want to make sure it’s fairly thick, but not so thick that you have to eat with a spoon (although it would still taste as good).

-3-4 frozen bananas, that have been cut into pieces a few inches long
-Rice milk (or soy, almond, etc.)
-1 heaping tablespoon of almond butter
-A big pinch of vanilla powder or about a teaspoon of vanilla extract

Put all ingredients in a
blender, leaving the rice milk for last. Put enough rice milk in so
that the level if rice milk is about an inch under the frozen
bananas. I would give an exact measurement, but everyone’s bananas
come in different sizes 😉 Blend and serve cold!

Vegan Sage Tofu Steaks and Mashed Potatoes


This is my twist to the traditional ‘meat and potatoes‘. I crave this meal at least once a week and it’s always a hit! Be sure to always make enough. My kids devour this, the mashed potatoes don’t even stand a chance! I like to serve with some organic ketchup… what can I say… I’m American, ketchup is one of the major food groups, right? Read the rest of this entry

When Devastating Catastrophes Hit… How Dare I Post Pics of My Dinner?


Vegan Vegetable tempura

I made this awesome dinner tonight.  It was a family creation. The little one was wrapped on my back and we made the vegan vegetable tempura.  My older daughter, Margo, and my husband made the avocado sushi.  I took some photos.  We ate.  We got stuffed.  We said, “Mmmmm, wasn’t that yummy?”  And we said, “Ohhhh, that came out so good.” I took the little one for a walk after dinner.  We watched a thunderstorm over the ocean.  Margo didn’t feel like walking, so she stayed home with my husband and they read books.  We came home.  We took showers.  Kids had boobies.  I laid down with them in bed and they fell asleep.  And, I, desperate for just a few moments of quietness, peeled myself out of bed before I succumbed to the sleep bomb, plopped myself down in front of the computer, and started to read about what’s been going on outside of my own four walls. Read the rest of this entry

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Am I the Most Disorganized Meal Planner of Them All (Help ME!)

Sous Chef

Sous Chef

If you’re looking for me around 4 or 5 o’clock, don’t look for me in the kitchen (where I should be).  I’m usually out floating around the sea on a surfboard, or taking the kids to the playground or the park or the beach.   Read the rest of this entry