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Aware Parenting Consultations
Bring more harmony to your family while taking care of everybody’s needs! I am one of the many Aware Parent instructors who operate all over the world. Aletha Solter is the founder of the Aware Parent Institute and the certification process is something that she monitors closely and finalizes for each instructor. As a certified Aware Parenting Instructor, I can offer consultations in person or via skype, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Aware parenting consultations address the following issues (plus many more) for children of all ages:

  • aggression (biting, verbal, hitting, pushing)
  • helping a baby or toddler to sleep better at night, while still keeping that important night time connection
  • attachment/bonding/trust
  • communication skills
  • defiance/child not listening
  • helping to understand and deal with tantrums, crying, raging and emotions
  • helping to keep children drug free and feeling positive
  • lying/cheating
  • fears
  • toilet training
  • siblings

Experience and other Certifications

Other certifications I have, include being a school teacher in the state of Queensland (Australia) and an Art of Living Foundation teacher (a non-profit that teaches stress relief). Although these topics are not directly associated with Aware Parenting, here is a short list of topics that I tend to write about and that I can advise you on, if you should want any specific information.

  • babywearing
  • elimination communication
  • tandem breastfeeding
  • co-sleeping
  • stress relief
  • education/homeschooling/unschooling

$60 for an hour Skype Consultation
Home visits are available and start from $150 + travel time and length of visit.


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