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Do Children Remember Their Birth? My Three Year Old’s Birth, According to Her

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Growing up fast, but still remembers her first day :)

Growing up fast, but still remembers her first day 🙂

I was going to write a boring recipe post tonight on apple crumble, but as I was putting Margo to bed, she started giving me accurate details of her birth! I thought birth story by account of a three year old was more interesting than apple crumble…. fruity crumble recipe tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry

Three Lions and a Fish: A Timely Birth Story

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Welcome baby girl! (How talented is my husband who took this shot, while looking as if his arm isn’t stretched out holding the camera!)

Everything about the birth of this girl was about timing. On August 9th, I picked Art up from work and he asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday weekend. My 30th birthday was only 3 days away, (August 12th), but for me, I was a bit pre-occupied nesting, cleaning out closets and drawers, scrubbing tiles, and washing cloth nappies, to even think about the big “Three Ohhh”!   Hmmm, birthday weekend… Read the rest of this entry