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The Myth of the ‘Easy’ Baby


When people asked me if my babies were ‘easy‘, or if they were ‘good‘, my first reaction was to wince and then remind myself to smile and say ‘yes‘. I know they were only asking out of habit or lack of something better to say.  I still give the same reaction when I hear someone saying, ‘Oh, we’re so lucky, we have suuuuuch a good baby‘.  Wince.  Smile.   Read the rest of this entry

A Dr. Sears Seminar… the Attachment Parent Guru!

While feeding her baby, who jumps in the picture with the famous Dr. Sears... Yes, that would be me!

While breastfeeding her baby, who should jump into the picture with the famous Dr. Sears… Yes, that would be me!  My friend Angie was there with her tiny little newborn, who is just under 3 weeks old.  Angie was chatting to Dr. Sears after his seminar and asked if she could have a picture, so of course, I barged in… only to realize halfway through posing that I was actually feeding Goldie in the Ergo baby carrier.   Read the rest of this entry

Getting Caught with Your Pants Down… In the Rain

Refuge from the rain!

Refuge from the rain!

Why does it always happen right as we’re crossing the street at the pedestrian cross walks?  All the cars are stopped and we’re walking and Margo drops her doll, or trips, or her shoe falls off, or I drop Goldie’s hat.  Talk about performance anxiety!  Well, today’s cross walk conundrum took the cake! Read the rest of this entry

Shhhh Don’t Tell… My Kids Sleep in Our Bed and I Take My Baby to the Potty!

Elimination Communication

Everyone should have a potty in the back of the car!

We went to our favorite sushi place for dinner, they have great vegetarian cheap eats there! The owner knows us well and also has two little girls, similar in age to ours.

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Terrifying Baby Farts and Rumbling Thunderstorms

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Summer time is coming!

Until last night, we had not seen a drop of rain in weeks. If it became much worse, it might have had a water damage emergency on our hands. I am glad it didn’t spiral out of control and significantly damage our home. The weather has been classic Gold Coast winter: cool, dry, sunny, not a cloud in the sky and windy. Great for getting laundry done… My awesome herb garden has shriveled up a bit since Goldie was born because Art’s been doing the laundry, and that’s where the veggie patch is… I didn’t even go out on the balcony for a week or so, and then saw my poor dying herbs… they’ll grow again… Read the rest of this entry

‘Mommy, Get My Boogies’. A Most Unusual Bedtime Routine.

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Bedtime Routine

Her favorite: ‘Little Monkey, You Can’t Catch Me!’

I know that bedtime routines with kids are forever changing.  In fact, I know that one day, there will be no more bedtime routine… there probably won’t even be as much as a kiss goodnight… so I don’t mind if it takes a little while for Margo to fall asleep these days. Margo was about 19 months when I became pregnant, and at that point, was still relying heavily on the boobs to get her to sleep, even if she woke up at night.  But, within a few months, my supply started dropping and I was a bit sore!  So, she started getting 5 or 10 minutes max before bedtime, and then I had to let her fall asleep on her own, and that was it, I said, ‘Until the sun comes up!’.

So, these days, Margo still gets her 5 or 10 minutes of boobs, after her one or two books, then, the fun begins!  First it’s, ‘Mommy, I want water!’.  Ok, go get your water, it’s at the side of the bed and mommy is stuck and can’t move because she has a watermelon in her tummy.  Sometimes, (not every night), comes ‘Mommy, I have to go potty’.  Ok, mommy has to somehow heave and ho myself out of bed and take you the potty.  Done.  When we get back in bed, I sit up in bed to meditate, while she falls asleep.  It’s usually nicer to meditate a little earlier in the evening, but that’s not always an option… The only thing is that this ‘bedtime’ meditation does not start off uninterrupted. First comes, ‘Mommy, get my boogies!’.  This one cracks me up the most.  My mother used to say, ‘They’re not yours until you pick their nose!’. Well, even if there isn’t a crumb to be picked, she still wants me to somehow dig around in there!  I laugh and do it for a minute, but tell her that her fingers are much smaller and much better at picking her own nose.  Then, she grabs my pinkie and says, ‘But, this finger fits!’… Well, sorry honey, but even my pinkie is too big for your cute little nostril. Read the rest of this entry