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Five Year Aussie-versary. And, I’m Just Getting Used to Vegemite

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The flight

The flight

Five years ago today, Art and I first stepped foot onto Australian soil. With us, we had 4 suitcases, 5 surfboards and as much carry on baggage as they would allow on the plane. We left EVERYTHING behind. Actually, we still have a storage shed full of crap sitting in Berlin, Maryland, if anyone wants to go rummaging around. The storage shed is full of stuff that we frantically packed away as we ran out of time getting ready for our overseas voyage. Did I want to apply my she shed designs here as well? Oh yes I did! But I guess, destiny had other plans?

I was planning on doing a year of university to get my Masters of Education so that I could become a teacher. Art was coming for the ride and we weren’t exactly sure about his plan, but he wasn’t going to stay behind in Maryland USA all by himself! Looking back, it was probably the scariest, riskiest and stupidest thing we’ve ever done in our lives!!!! Drop everything and move all the way across the world!?! Yes, we were indeed crazy! Read the rest of this entry