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Micro Schooling: Have We Found the Alternative Schooling That Many People Are Looking For?

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For a couple of years now, I’ve been contemplating my children’s education. I, myself, am a school teacher, which actually complicates things because I’ve seen both the good and bad sides of traditional schooling. I like the idea of traditional school because of the community, plus the shared responsibility of taking care of children (it’s hard work being with your kids 24/7 and never having a break), but I don’t love the idea of kids starting so young, and having to follow such a heavy content-based curriculum. I love the idea of homeschooling, but don’t so much love that even in homeschooling, kids still have to follow the same sort of curriculum stuff that kids in school have to follow. Some parents are not able to homeschool which is understandable, they do want what is best for their child though, so they will look into some of the best charter schools in the Bronx or look at a variety of educational programs in their area that suit what they like, just so they can get an all-round experience.

For younger children, I’m not sold on the idea that they need to do anything other than play-based learning. Unschooling has really piqued my interest greatly but I also like the idea of coming together with people and building a community and having some sort of commitment. I see some of the burnout rates amongst parents choosing to home educate their children and I want to create some sort of community that prevents this sort burn out from happening. Read the rest of this entry