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To the All the Gentle Parents Out There… Tell Your Stories Loud and Clear!


I was being a smart alec tonight, and just for fun, I started googling the following ‘mean parenting‘ phrases to see what would turn up.  Here are just a few that I looked for:

  • how to get your kids to obey by smacking them
  • ways to punish a child so they will turn out to be happy and loving adults
  • cave babies didn’t know how to fall asleep, but were left to cry it out
  • constantly yelling at kids turns them into loving adults Read the rest of this entry

Positive Parenting 101: Say ‘Yes’ More and ‘No’ Less

Little Miss Three Year Old

Little Miss Three Year Old, likes to say ‘YES!’

I, personally, think that positive parenting is the best way to raise your child. You can take a look at this positive parenting solutions review to find out more about it but it is where you focus on the positive points of behavior in your child rather than negative.

Just about every kid’s most frequently used word is ‘NO‘. It sometimes comes out even when they mean to say ‘yes‘! Really, it’s bizarre behavior and can often be quite maddening for parents. I’m sure you know what I mean. Read the rest of this entry

Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella… On Staying Positive

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Rainy Days with Lots of Smiles

Rainy Days with Lots of Smiles

Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella‘, what an epic song!  (check out this slightly hilarious ‘music video‘ of Betty Clooney singing this song while hanging out fake wash, in maybe  the early or mid 1950’s?). We sang it in our girls acapella choir group when I was going to Hackettstown High School in New Jersey.  Our chorus director, Mr. Witte, may he ever rest in peace, was the most amazing musician and no matter who or what he had singing, he could always make us sound awesome.  I can still hear how we sounded back then… (sniffle sniffle). Read the rest of this entry