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Why I Don’t Teach My Kids to Say They’re Sorry

Just before the 'smack'

Moments before the ‘smack’

This little boy smacked my daughter hard across the face today at the playground.  (Ah, the playground… if ever I need fuel for a blog topic).  The little boy’s father, who was hovering closely behind said, ‘No!  Simon, bad boy!  Say you’re sorry… Siiiimooonnnn…’ the dad said, as he raised his eyebrows, ‘Say, ‘I’m sorryto the little girl’.  The boy, of course, did not say he was sorry.  Whether he was too young to articulate his ‘sorry‘ or not, I don’t know.  But, what got me was the look on the little boy’s face that said, ‘Hey, I just smacked someone across the face… I can do this again and again and again, and all I have to say is, ‘sorryand it’s OK!’ Read the rest of this entry