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Don’t Be a Weaner: There’s No Magic Age to Wean

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What’s disturbing to me, is that mothers may feel sadness, grief and even loss because they ‘feel‘ they have to wean at some arbitrary ‘magical weaning age‘, maybe 12 months, or 18 months, or whatever it is. They talk about their own motherly tears and sadness. And, they say how the child grieves because they have to say ‘bye bye‘ to boobies. They talk about how cruel it is that their baby is growing up and that they are “too big for that now“… And, they say how even though it’s sad, they just need to be tough and do it! It actually makes me feel like crying… Whoever came up with this idea that a child needs to wean at X, Y or Z age, actually, has no idea what they are talking about! Like, NO IDEA AT ALL! Read the rest of this entry