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Me First!!! Elimination Communication with a Two Year Old

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Me First!

Haha! Me First!

We only have one toilet in our house. At nearly 36 weeks pregnant, I KNOW that my 2 year old has better bladder control than me! Ever since she was 14 months old (she’s 2 and 4 months now), she has been dry through the night. She used to wake up and I would take her, but at about 16 or 18 months, she started consistently sleeping 9 or 10 hours at night without having to go (not always sleeping through of course, wanting boobs, but not having to go). How does this kid have such incredible awareness of her bladder and bowls? Even with the #2s, if we’re out and she has to go, she COMFORTABLY waits until we get home to do a poo! She uses public toilets, no problem, but just states that she likes to wait for #2 until she gets home. I understand, don’t you? I’m sure it’s because of the Elimination Communication I’ve been practicing with her since birth.

She’s really got awareness of what’s going on down there. Better than me, I’m afraid, and that’s even when I’m not pregnant. Not that I go around having accidents, you know what I mean, but it’s her awareness of when to go, etc. that amazes me! ┬áThe number of accidents she’s had since I took her out of diapers at 12 months (daytime), I mean full accidents, are next to nil. The occasional squirt happens if we’ve both been busy, but that’s about it! Very rarely at night a little bit will come out if she’s really knocked out, but never a full on puddle, if you know what I mean? Whenever I use the toilet at home, or out in public somewhere, she hops on too. So, she’s pretty consistent in her efforts.

The funny thing is when either Art (hubby) and I have to go to the toilet at home. If she even catches wind that we need to go, she races in front of us yelling, ‘MARGO FIRST!!!’. This is the kid who can hold her wee 10 hours at night! Sometimes she barely even has to go, but still races in front of us down the hall to the bathroom, ‘MARGO FIRST!’. We have to come up with code words to use the toilet. Like, I’ll be right back, I have to P double E. But, now she’s figured that one out. Sometimes I have to just tell her, sorry, mommy’s busting, you need to use your potty. We have about 3 pottys around the house, she puts her dolls on them and also has no problem using them herself. She even cries a bit if I beat her to the toilet. But, I’m sorry, I have a baby’s head pushing on my bladder, sometimes Margo just has to wait.

She occasionally wakes up to go at night, but not usually. Since she sleeps in our room, in her own toddler bed, smooshed up to ours, it’s not big deal for her to wake up and tell me she has to go. So, at 2 in the morning, I think, ‘Man, I get up at least once, twice or MORE to go every night (preggo), even before I first got pregnant, it was at least one trip to the toilet at night for me. How does this kid regularly hold it?’. I gladly take her, even though my eyes are barely open. She hops on, then I go, and while I’m going she runs back in bed and proceeds to steal my pillow and space on the bed! I don’t mind really. I think a lot of parents would be grumpy to be woken up at night because their 2 year old had to go to the toilet. But, I’d rather stumble around in the dark than have her still in diapers… so I gladly do it.

I just wonder if Margo will share the toilet and potties with her new sibling on the way? She’ll probably start barking at me that it’s time to take baby to the potty, well before I even realize the baby has to go. Oops, I better go, I just heard Art and Margo pull in the driveway, home from swimming, I have to get to the toilet before she walks in the house, or it will be, ‘MARGO FIRST!’.

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