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Oh, Wednesday! A Day By Myself.

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Oh Wednesday!

Fun times ahead today!

I already admitted that I sent Margo to daycare while I was at work in, ‘You Can Strip Me of My Attachment ParentingBadge…‘ post, but did I forget to mention that now that I’m not working, she still goes one day a week!  We’re in Australia.  The closest relatives I have live in Singapore and Hawaii, and Grandma and Pop pop live on the East Coast of America (they have still yet to visit,,, ahem, if you’re reading this!).  So, if it’s not Art or myself watching our dear little high maintenance, smarty pants daughter, there’s only our awesome babysitter we use occasionally, Annabel, or the Steiner Kindy that Margo goes to.  And, let me tell you, Margo loves her daycare.  It has become her little extended family.  When I drop her off now, she says, ‘Bye mommy, go away now!’.  It’s more like, ‘OH MY GOD LADY, I’ve had enough of you!  Leave me alone, I don’t want to hang around with you today, you’re no fun, you’re pregnant and can’t take me everywhere, you don’t have me on a routine schedule at home where we read books, sing songs together, nap, eat, play outside, or do all of these things together as a group.  This child craves routine, people and community (I’m sure a lot of others do too).

The way modern people live today is so strange to me. All isolated in our little four walls, hardly any interaction with the outside world.  It’s no wonder that being a stay at home mom would seem very unappealing to many people.  Man, I would love to live in a commune or a village, or better yet, how cool would it be to be one of multiple wives?  I think those cultures where polygamy exists are on to something.  How cool would it be… ‘I’ll cook dinner tonight, do you want to watch the kids?’  Or, ‘I need to go to the toilet, excuse me, be right back’.  Yes, I do think they’re on to something…

Anyway, well, I don’t live in a commune or a village, I am only one wife, and I don’t get to use the toilet with the door closed.  It’s a little strange having the house to myself for a day.  The first thing I do after I drop her and Art off is sit down and have a full uninterrupted  session of yoga, meditation and breathing, that I learned years ago from the Art of Living Foundation which I do everyday anyway. And, then I get busy. I clean a mess up, it STAYS clean, and there’s no one making an equally messy mess somewhere else while I’m cleaning up the other mess.  It’s really only about 6 hours that I get.  So, what do I do?  Race around, scrub the floors, do major projects that are really difficult to do with a toddler, take a nap, used to go surfing before the tummy got too big.  But, my days ‘off’ are only limited.  Being 36 weeks pregnant, I just need to take advantage while I can of being alone in my own house 🙂

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