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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: A Gem on the Gold Coast

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Big Red Kangaroo. He’s got this chesty muscle thing going on.

I love being a tourist in my own town.  For the past ten years, I’ve lived in areas that were mostly resort or transient type places, and I have always done the tourist thing with full enthusiasm!  There is a place here, on the Gold Coast of Australia, where the tourists, especially huge tour groups from Japan and parts of Asia, come to flock.  (And, um, hello, aren’t we all tourists everywhere we go on this planet?). Even though it’s sometimes full of tourists waiting to have their photos taken with a koala or snake, there are plenty of locals who flock there too!  You can also go there on some days and there is hardly a soul to be seen.  Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is 10 minutes from our house and you better bet hat I have a year pass!  It’s on a huge piece of land that is all natural bushland/rainforest.  I’m really against things like zoos and animal circuses, but this place is special.  They have an animal hospital and most of the animals they have are there because they were injured, rescued, endangered, etc.  They have daily feedings of wild lorikeets (these really cool little parrots), they have animals shows and the focus is to educate the public about protecting and preserving Australian wild life.  They have a CHOO CHOO TRAIN!  A real train that runs around on a track!  Lately, on some of the days that I’m too tired to walk around, I can just sit on the train and go around and around the park for about an hour and Margo never asks to get off.
A real train!


Today was an especially good day at the sanctuary.  We got there early, at about 8:30, before the tour buses came.  I explained to Margo that she was just going to have to walk because I couldn’t carry her around anymore in the baby backpack.  She was like, ‘Yup, no problem, let’s go mommy!’.  (For some reason, I feel like Margo grew up a few months today… maybe it was because of yesterday’s play disaster?)  She walked around the park, never asked to be picked up, never dilly-dallied, was focused, and on task.  She even held a cup of food out for a kangaroo!  She’s usually TERRIFIED of them when they get close!  Ok, well, it was a tiney tiny kangaroo, but STILL!  We also saw tree kangaroos (endangered species), crocodiles, emus, cassowaries, etc.  Margo can tell you the rest in full detail if you ask.  I just love being a tourist!  Margo loves it too.  The best part about it is when little miss attempts to say ‘Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’.  She says it pretty well for a two year old 🙂

This kangaroo looks about my size…

Here’s the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary website:

If you’re looking for a similar type of thing, but without the cheese and tourist factor, there is also an awesome wildlife sanctuary very close to this one: David Fleay’s Wildlife Park… no choo choo train though 🙂

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