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Toilet Paper is Totally Overrated!

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I spray my butt clean instead of wipe with toilet paper. Yes, oh yes I do.

I remember watching a talk show when I was a kid and a celebrity was asked what she felt was the best invention to modern man.

She stated, ‘Toilet paper! What did we do before TOILET PAPER?‘.

Let’s think about this one… cut down a tree and wipe your butt with it? Gross! A fellow environmentalist and biology teacher colleague of mine and I were talking about toilet paper at work one day. She was in the same boat as me in her views towards toilet paper. She was like, ‘If you were to get all sweaty after a workout, wouldn’t you want to take a shower? Or, would you want to just wipe your sweat off with a paper towel?

Actually, most people in the world don’t have access to toilet paper. Whether by choice or by chance, I just found a site that quoted, 70-75% of the world does not use toilet paper. Phew, thank goodness, could you imagine if all 7 billion people on the planet cut down trees wipe poo off their butts? On top of that, how many times have you heard of toilet paper causing damaging blockages? I imagine the answer is a lot (P.S If you are one of those people who has damaged their toilet then it might be worth visiting a website similar to!)

Bidets are a great invention, the French were on to something. It seems like a funny device, but it was created in the 1700’s for cleanliness! Cleanliness!!! How come us westerners are living in 2012 and we’re not into being clean!!!??? As far as I’m concerned, water is really the only thing that makes you feel truly clean… Toilet paper just sort of smears…eww…

Spraying your butt with water actually saves water! The website reports that making a single roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons (140 litres) of water, 1.3 kilowatt/hours (KWh) of electricity and some 1.5 pounds (1.7 kilos) of wood. The sight also points out that toilet paper is also a public nuisance in that it clogs pipes and adds a significant load onto city sewer systems and water treatment plants. Those whose home’s piping has become clogged with toilet paper may want to contact the likes of a torrance plumber to remedy the problem before it becomes a more severe issue. The amount of water you have to use to clean yourself in one little spray, is minimal compare to the amount of water used to grow trees, cut them down, transport them and produce the paper. Not to mention you also use petroleum for the manufacture, transport and packaging. So un-green! Even the recycled toilet tissue takes a huge amount of water to manufacture! If you’ve ever driven by a paper mill,,, you would know the toxic smell I’m talking about, that can’t be good either…

Plus, who wants to waste their time wiping their bum? Seriously, a few good #2s in a day and if you clocked the time it took to ‘wipe until you don’t see any more brown,‘ as my mother used to say… you could be there for 10 or 15 minutes a day! I can think of better things to do.

I’ve been to the countries where they don’t use toilet paper. I’m not sure if I ever got the technique right… something to do with a hole in the floor, a tap for water, a little cup… and splash splash splash… well, I’m sure if I grew up doing it, I would have gotten it right.


I sent hubby to Bunnings (hardware store), had him buy the parts and install this little toilet sprayer that I had seen while traveling in India a few years ago. I was going to contact a company like Flow Pros Plumbing but my husband seemed to be able to do the job easily. I was so pleased with the new addition to the bathroom! It just attaches to the plumbing in the back of the toilet, or even to your sink (I clip and unclip mine every time, it’s lickity split and you can make the water warm that way) no special equipment needed. So, for just a little bit of money (between $30-$60), you can get this awesome toilet sprayer attached to your toilet. Hooray! I actually do use a tiny bit of toilet paper to dry off, or a terry towel washcloth, that I wash later.

Honey-Do. Thank you honey 🙂


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