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I Actually Use These Things: Baby Wearing Isn’t Just a Trend

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Mop mop mop…

Luckily, I vacuumed the house the day before we had our homebirth.  But, after two weeks of being at home and not leaving the house much… things were starting to look a bit crumby (think toddler mess).  Art took Margo out for a few hours, so I threw Goldie in the Hug-a-Bub and got busy, vacuuming and mopping the entire house.  Nice to have a clean, fresh house!

I’ll never forget the first few walks I took Margo on when she was a newborn in her stroller.  I was sure that you actually couldn’t live without a stroller if you had a baby (that’s what everyone was telling me anyway).  But, I felt so silly pushing around a 7 pound newborn, who was flat on her back and just staring at the sky.  Not to mention, after about 20 minutes, (or less), she would start crying and we would have to carry her anyway.  How many times have you seen that one: Parents carrying baby, whilst also pushing a stroller.  Doesn’t really make sense.

When Margo was about 2 weeks old, I bought the trusty old green Hug-a-Bub.  It did take a while for me to get used to putting it on, and keep it tied nice and tight, otherwise the baby on your chest would be the baby down on your tummy.  But, once we starting using that, and then we bought the all time classic, the Ergo, that stroller that we ‘had to have’, stayed locked up for over 2 years!  In fact, we only starting using it a few times when I was heavily pregnant.  And, to be honest, it was such a pain, using that stroller. I realized, it would have been easier if I had just had Margo walk.  I thought by pushing her around in the stroller would be easier on me being 8 months pregnant, but then I found myself walking way too far and fast, and then getting really tired.  Where, if i had just been cruising at toddler pace I would have stayed within my exertion needs.  Plus, the toddler gets much needed exercise too when not being pushed in a stroller.  Anyway, for about 2 years, we must have used that Ergo at least 3 or 4 times a day.

Wearing Margo on my back at about 4 1/2 months pregnant. Our morning walk near our house.

Another thing is just wearing the baby around the house to get stuff done.  Honestly, where does a baby want to be?  Flat on their back, alone somewhere?  No way, they want to be right on top of you.  While, you can just sit in a chair all day with a newborn, they would be happy with that,  eventually you do have to get off your butt and do something, especially if you have other children.  How many times have you heard this one:  ‘All he/she wants to do is just sleep on my chest!  I can’t get anything done!‘.  That’s about right.  How many times did I try to gently settle Margo asleep, only to have her pop her eyes open the second I put her down.  We have this cool little thing called a Tetra Cot, made from soft fluffy tea tree bark, that I thought would be good for the living room, etc, and it is nice sometimes, but both these kids have done the same thing: squirm squirm and squawk squawk, until I pick them up.  Nothing to do with the tetra cot, cool product, and sometimes they do last for a while in it, but babies just want to be on top of you!   I don’t wear little munchkin 24/7 (well, almost).  But, I do know that if I want a guaranteed hour or so of uninterrupted time, I can get it if she’s snug in her sling.  And, once they get older and sleep less, they can sit (and start getting to be little fatties), then you don’t wear them as much around the house.  But for the little ones, the sling is just too easy.  For example, the only way I was able to write this post was because little babe is fast asleep in her Breeze Baby, a nice summer sling.

Now, of course, you can’t always wear your baby.  I’m thinking of people with twins or something.  My dear friend has twin babies and a toddler… I think if I were her, I would be using a stroller a bit.  And, you don’t have to go crazy buying every baby carrier under the sun.  You can even make your own. This baby wearing thing that everyone seems to be all in a craze about, is nothing new.  Look at the indigenous mothers all around the world, in Africa, Asia and South America…  They don’t waste their time trying to settle a baby and make it sleep in some bed or cot or whatever.  They throw that baby in a sling and carry on with life as usual.  They know instantly when that baby is hot, cold, hungry, or needs to eliminate!  What a great way to get a work out too!  You won’t see me at the gym in the near future.  I’ll be getting buff carrying my little fatties around!

Business as usual: making apple crumble.

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