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You Can Bet, I Blushed a Bit

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Oh! Is that a baby in there!

We were at our weekly market this morning, the one at Palm Beach Currumbin High School, the one that I can’t live without.  Now, this was Goldie’s second week at the market.  When I took her last week, I was assaulted by everyone that I know.  Some people were just so happy (and surprised because she was early) to see the baby.  While, other people were looking rather upset that I had a one week old baby at the market.  Well… sorry, I needed to buy some food, breastfeeding two, I get a bit hungry these days!

This morning made me blush… we’re at the organic stall that I love, N.O.W. Organics and the nice 19 or 20 year old, very cute, tall, male uni student, working there, who is studying kineseology,  started talking about breastfeeding.  Last week, he was asking me all about homebirth, and water birth and how he was learning how it was not a good idea to be laying on your back for birthing a baby… true… and he was talking sort of loudish… so people walking by could have easily heard.  But he was so eager and enthusiastic to talk about it… Ok, fine, very cute.  Nice to hear that they’re teaching you these things at uni, kid!  Then, this morning he says matter of factly, ‘Oh, did you know that it’s beneficial for you AND the baby to breastfeed for at least 12 months?’.  He then went on and on about how it’s good for your hormones, good for the baby’s development, etc.  ‘Oh yes, I know, it’s so good for you, isn’t it?’. I replied smiling (thinking, wow, ok, this kid is very sweet… but oh my God, could you tone it down a bit, what will the poor passer-bys be thinking).  No, but really, I’m glad to know that they’re teaching these things to uni students now.  Hopefully, in the future, more and more kids will be educated about normal and natural child birth, breastfeeding etc.  I wish I had been taught something like that in all the biology courses that I did at uni.  Imagine when this kid gets married and wants to have a family?  He will at least be familiar with natural child birth and parenting!

Now, I wonder if I made him blush when my 2 1/2 year old rocked up with Art and I told uni kid that I was also still breastfeeding my toddler. I bet he wasn’t expecting that one!

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