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Elimination Communication Grande Fail

Elimination Communication

Mom… get this crap outta my diaper, please!

It wasn’t an All-Time-Epic-Elimination Communication Fail, only because it wasn’t a blow-out, but it was a pretty good one nonetheless. Margo had been asking me for weeks to take her to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I was finally feeling sort of up for it this afternoon. The sanctuary is really beautiful, all in a natural setting, and only 15 minutes from our house. It has all the usual Australian wildlife, many endangered or injured animals, an animal hospital… and best of all a real mini cho cho train! When I was pregnant with Goldie, some days all I could do was just sit on the train with Margo and do the 25 minute chug around the park. Two runs around the sanctuary, and a quick stop in the kangaroo crossing, and that was enough to entertain Margo for at least 2 hours, while not exhausting me too much!

I tried to feed Goldie in the car, before we left the carpark, but she wasn’t interested. As usual, I quickly took Goldie to the potty in the back of the car, but she had already peed in her diaper on the way there, so she didn’t need to go. I grabbed an extra cloth diaper insert and threw it in my purse, in case she did a wee. I then laid out the changing mat we take everywhere with us because it makes putting on a new diaper so much easier (you can find the best portable baby changing table here if you’re interested!) but as I was changing her, I saw that I had a few disposables sitting in the back, and I thought, well, if I don’t use them now, she’s going to grow out of them in about 2 weeks… So, I whacked a disposable on her. (They feel so weird, stiff and strange after using cloth for so long). Not thinking… when I put the disposable on her, that I was leaving the waterproof cover in the car… which left me nothing more than a thick piece of cloth in my purse. Hard to understand if you’re not used to using cloth diapers,,, but let’s just say that I did something slightly stupid.

elimination communication photo

Look at that punim!

Into the Hug a Bub (baby wrap) went Goldie, and off Margo and I went to catch the cho cho train to see the kangaroos! We had to wait about ten minutes in line for the train to come. During that time, Goldie, my usually sleepier than sleepy baby starting waking up! Oh, hello,,, you’re usually fast asleep the second I wrap you up on me, what’s going on? A few minutes before the train arrived Goldie started trying to eat me, bobbing her head up and down on my chest and slobbering all over me… in other words… ‘Mom, where are the boobs!!!’. I sort of ignored her for a moment… what could I do, we were about to get on the train and there were people all around and Goldie is a messy eater! I’m serious, I didn’t want to spray the people next to me! It wasn’t exactly the best breastfeeding-opportunity-in-public moment.

The train came, we got going and for a few minutes Goldie was mesmerized by the sky, or something (awww, cute little newborn-ness), but then the head bobbing, sucking on my chest and slobbering continued, so out came the boobs on the train. It was really awkward because the train seat is very narrow, and Goldie’s feet were poking Margo and Margo was grabbing Goldie’s toes and wanting to devour her baby sister. Normally, I can ‘shoo’ Margo away, but, ‘shooing’ Margo away would have meant pushing her off the train, and that was not really an option. And, to top it off, Goldie was have a most messy feed, on and off, on and off, choking, coughing, etc.

We finally got to the kangaroo paddock, the boobs went away, and I stuck Goldie back in the baby wrap. We only walked around for about 5 minutes when I started to wonder why the place was so darn packed with people… duhhhh… school holidays! On top of school holidays there were some huge groups of Asian tourists. Margo wanted to feed the kangaroos, but the kangaroos were not hungry because the mobs of people had been feeding them all day! Goldie was slobbering and head bobbing again, and I just wanted to run away screaming! I turned around to try and catch the next train, but it was full… we had to wait 15 minutes for the next one. Margo doesn’t mind. She loves the train more than anything, so she was happy to wait in line rather than walk around the non-hungry kangaroos. Goldie was about to crack it again in the baby wrap, so out came the boobs, standing in line for the train, and the thought came to my mind…’Oh… please don’t poo!’

‘Oh please don’t poo!’??? did I really just think that? I knew she had to go,,, but there was slight chance that she wouldn’t! I remember being out with a friend of mine when her baby was 11 months and mine was 8 and she said, ‘Oh, please don’t poo!’. At that point, I had been ECing with Margo so much, that she never did a poo in her diaper… I didn’t even remember what it was like to change a pooey diaper. Like I’ve said before, I love EC because there are no surprises! Well, surprise, surprise, I’m standing in line for train and even though I didn’t feel, smell or hear anything, I looked down at Goldie, who had come off the boob by now, and I knew she had just done a poo! Got on the train, checked the diaper, and sure enough, bright yellow infant poo. Did I even put the diaper on properly?! I usually don’t because for me, a diaper is the last line of defense!

Then, we get to the main train station, go to the bathroom, where I have the most awkward moment of trying to change her while standing up with a pooey diaper! I held her over the toilet for a moment, to see if more had to come out, but she didn’t go. Then, I rinsed her bottom off in the sink, because I didn’t have anything else on me and then took the cloth insert (sans waterproof cover) and stuck it between her legs and stuck Goldie back in the baby wrap. Meanwhile, Margo had been talking a mile a minute and under my feet and bugging me that she wanted to wash her hands even though she can’t reach the sink. I was sweating and my gall bladder hurt by the end of it all!

Eventually, we wondered back to the save haven of the car… ahhh…. I still took Goldie to the potty and do you know that the little lady still had plenty that she saved for the potty?! I put the silly diaper cover, that I had forgotten, back on her, just in case more had to come out and took Margo, who was complaining because she didn’t get to do the lorikeet feeding, back into the park. One of the bus stops along Art’s route home from work is right at the sanctuary, so he joined us. We got to see the lorikeets and touch a snake and finally went off to eat some dinner.

I really need to start acting like I have a baby… you know, carrying around a spare diaper or two. Baby wipes, change of clothes, etc. I still feel like a rookie mom when my baby poos in her diaper! I knew Goldie had to go, but I just didn’t feel right about pooing my newborn in the middle of the kangaroo paddock with hundreds of people around! There was probably mountains of kangaroo poo already, but we’re talking about explosive newborn poo! I just couldn’t bring myself to hang her little bottom over a bush, even if I knew she had to go… that’s what the diaper was for, right? She was displaying all the typical signs of a baby having to go: squirmy and fussing at the boob, but I was in total denial! Luckily, Goldie didn’t seem to mind that she did a little poo in her diaper. I don’t think she’ll ever openly complain about that EC fail moment. You’re a good sport, kid!

Baby carrier photo

All cleaned up with fake smiles, Goldie staring at the sky and Margo waiting to touch the snake!

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