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Windy Baby, Makes Us Freaky Crazy

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Messy House

Can I blame the wind for this mess ?

Ask any school teacher who has been teaching long enough… ‘What makes the kids go crazy?’. The answer isn’t Friday or school holidays coming up. The answer is not the sun, rain, clouds, heat or cold… it’s the freaking WIND! The subtropical Gold Coast of Australia has temperatures that are nearly perfect all year round. And, we almost always have sunshine for at least part of the day… but living in a subtropical region also means that you are subjected to relentless WIND! I remember learning about tradewinds in school. These winds occur in the northern and southern hemispheres at certain latitudes… OUR LATITUDE…. Trading sail ships used to use these blustery regions to get them from port to port quickly. Well that’s great for all the crusty sailors out there, I’m one of them, even though I don’t sail much these days… but as far as parenting goes, windy days are a nightmare!!!! AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!

Kids are crazy enough, especially, my 2 1/2 year old Margo, who talks a mile a minute. Sometimes it feels like the room is spinning because of her constant blabbing, negotiating, requesting, reasoning or complaining… about something. Throw in taking care of a newbie, sleep deprivation, plus trying to cook, clean and occasionally take care of myself, and you’ve got yourself in a big hot mess! Guess what gives me a sinus headache and my husband allergies… It’s when the wind blows!

It was nice, sunny and windy this morning, and I took the girls to an attachment parenting meet up at a playground nearby. Everything was sort of ok… except that I felt like I had something in my contact on the way to the meet up. Then, we get there, and 8-week-old Goldie was wetting about one cloth diaper every 10 minutes, even though I tried to take her to the potty. She did show off and do a little poo in the bushes when a lady asked me about elimination communication. I was stressing, because as usual, I was about to run out of clean cloth diapers. Then, trying to feed her, while the wind is blowing and she’s doing her usually messy feed, on-off, on-off, spraying milk everywhere! Meanwhile, Margo insisted that she wear her flip flops that she’s been dying to put on outside of the house for weeks. I’ve been making her practice walking around in them in the house because they keep falling off, and she seemed to be getting good. I finally let her out of the house in them but they kept falling off at the playground and the ground was made of these wood chips that her sissy feet were getting sore and splintery from. The sun was bright and there was no shade cover on the playground (we’re talking Australian sun here), and I kept misplacing Goldie’s hat every time I would take her to and from the car to get her diaper changed.

The thing in my eye kept getting worse, and I kept rubbing it and trying to move my contact lens around, but I was too busy taking care of the girls and meeting new people to fully pay attention to the eye until it started getting bad. Finally, I went to the car and took the lens out, only to see that I had a big chunk missing from the lens. I had no glasses in the car and no extra contacts, so I had to stick the ripped contact lens back in my eye (which feels a bit like you’ve got a grain of sand stuck in your eye) so that I could drive home and still see. I grabbed Margo off the playground and drove home. Blinking and dreaming the whole way of the second I could take the stupid ripped contact out of my poor weeping eye. There is nothing that makes me think more about laser eye surgery from somewhere like SharpeVision than situations like this. That wind, I tell you!

So many times, I have been out of the house with a baby and things get crazy, and it’s all from the wind. Goldie didn’t want to go to the potty because the back of the car was windy and sunny and she was annoyed. Margo didn’t know what to do because she was at a new playground and there was this stray dog (friendly, but stray), that was scaring the crap out of her and she kept asking me to pick her up. I was doing my best to pick her up without crushing poor Goldie, who was by now asleep on my chest in the baby wrap. Stupid wind!

The Ancients Knew About Wind!

A good friend of mine, Maria, and I are always complaining about wind. You see, Maria is from Siberia… YOU HEARD ME, SIBERIA!!! I’m from the east coast of the USA. We know about cold, wind, snow, heat and all sorts of ridiculous weather. She is more than I. But, we know that the wind has a secret plot out there to kill us! We study a bit about ayurveda, which is the ancient science of life, originating in India. It’s a lot about food and natural remedies, etc. Vata, is a term used in Ayurveda to describe movement, or air, it has to do with cold and dry. Also, in terms of the mind, it has to do with lots of thoughts and sort of restlessness. Vata is not bad, but it can easily get out of balance and wreak havoc on the body and mind. Some people, like Maria and I, are more prone to have a ‘vata-imbalance’ than others. Many ancient cultures were aware of the wind and its effects on the mind and the body. Whenever the wind starts to blow, Maria and I start sending text messages, usually something like, ‘This wind is trying to kill my gall bladder’, or ‘The room is spinning, when will this stupid wind stop!?’.

Also, people tend to get more irritated when the wind blows! Big fights can happen, and often do. Kids start doing crazy things and I start doing things like dropping and spilling things and find it hard to focus my eyes!

Wind Rescue

If I’m going to complain about the wind, I may as well offer up a few solutions to dealing with crazy windy days. So, if you ever find yourself in an incredibly hopeless windy situation, you can try the following. Please remind me to follow my own advice, as some days I get so carried away with the wind, I forget to deal with my ‘wind’ issue.

Some things to do:

  • Stay warm! Avoid the cold, put socks on, etc.
  • EAT!!! Food will also bring you back down to earth. Eat WARM, OILY, Heavier food. Avoid eating too much raw stuff, as that will just make you fly away even more.
  • Slow down a bit. Sit down! Stare at the wall. Do anything to stop yourself from going into a wind driving frenzy!
  • Drink some warm tea.
  • Do some yoga, again to bring awareness back to the body, down to earth
  • Stick to a routine and get regular sleep (ehhemmm.. no staying up late writing blogs, note to self)
  • Self massage, brings awareness back to the body.

That’s all folks. A few more months of this sort of weather. Usually, around January, the insane wind starts to calm down… I can’t wait.

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