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No Peece in the Bathroom

‘OH YEAH’, I was thinking,
Did I actually just close the door to the bathroom? Was I in there all alone without a toddler yapping my ear off or a baby in my lap or without the threat of having to jump up at any moment because one of them woke from a nap (Art was home and on pip-squeeking duty). Ohhhh… What a special moment! Goldie was fast asleep and Margo was very busy playing with something in the other room. I couldn’t remember the last time this had happened during the day in a long time! Until… Art yells down the hallway, ‘WHY IS THE DOOR CLOSED?!’. I roll my eyes…SERIOUSLY?? I open the door. ‘Is everything alright, what’s wrong!’ I yell. ‘Oh nothing’, he replies, ‘everything is fine, I just couldn’t figure out why the door was closed!’. Then Margo got interested in why the door was closed to the bathroom and came over for a chat and Goldie woke up from her nap. Honestly!

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