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Baby Ring Slings and Elimination Communication Mini Fail

Baby Ring Sling

Finally: the ring sling… will have to wait until morning to try it out!

Each day we’re starting to feel more like normal human beings around here.  We took Goldie to our real doctor today, Dr. Rassaby, the cool doctor who started the homebirth movement in Australia in the 1970s.  Poor little Goldie looked a lot more sick than she really was.  Her eyes were all puffy, red and teary, she was snotting and drooling and what used to be a little patch of cradle cap rash near her hairline, had somehow quadrupled in size over the past couple days, plain and sad looking, for everyone to see.  The nice receptionist at the emergency clinic whisked us through to the top of the waiting list and we got in to see our doctor straight away.  Despite her looking so pathetic, Goldie checked out fine.  Just recovering from a mild bought of the flu and slightly grumpy.

Since it’s Sunday, and daddy has to work on Sunday, and we hate that daddy has to work on Sundays, Margo and I decided that we should pick him up from work.  Picking Art up from work is actually really fun because he works at one of the most upscale shopping centers on the Gold Coast.  There’s even a playground there, next to all of these food places, so it’s never hard for me to convince Margo to get in the car and go pick up daddy from work.  So, we get there, Margo starts playing, Goldie is half asleep/half awake and chewing and slobbering all over the baby wrap, on my chest, and doing these annoying slippery faceplants on my chest.  She’s trying to tell me something… she either wants boobs, or has to poo or is tired… Hmmmm… which one is it little one.  The little newbie is pretty cruisy, even when she wants something.  She will happily go on doing the slip and slide faceplants for a while before she starts to cry.

Finally, Art is off work and comes down to the playground and I told him to watch Margo while I took Goldie to the toilet.  So, I get to the bathroom stall, because I had to pee too.  And, while I’m going, Goldie starts getting really grisly and squirming!  I’ve seen it happen before… she’s saying, ‘HEY!!!  I have to go too, what are you doing mom?!  Get off the pot!‘.  So, I take her out of the wrap, and JUUUST as I pull her out, I hear the big old poo fart.  Oops!  Sorry Goldie, I was too slow, you were right!   So, I take her diaper off to see if she has to do more over the toilet and JUUUST as I’m maneuvering her little bottom over the toilet,,,, ‘SPLAT’, all over the floor.  If you’ve never seen exclusively breastfed baby poo, it’s sort of well… it’s sort of liquidy.  A few of the splats landed nearly into the other stall, JUUUST as someone was walking in there.  They HAD to have seen it, because all I saw was them put down their shopping bag briefly, they must have seen the strange brown splats on the floor, because the bag was quickly picked up the person with the bag went into another a stall!  Oops!  Sorry!

By now, Goldie was making all sorts of cute gurgling baby noises, happy to have relieved herself, as I was trying to clean her up.  Then, I skillfully stuck a cloth diaper back on her, which is not an easy task to do one handed while holding her in the bathroom stall.  (I’m getting more organized, I usually carry at least one spare now with me).  Then, again, with one hand, trying to clean up the poo on the floor, meanwhile, Goldie’s cute gurgling noises were turning into loud sounds of annoyance because of the awkward angle I had to hold her whilst cleaning up poo with one hand.  I was sweating, as usual, by the end of it.  Got us all cleaned up, walked back to the playground, all happy, and neat and tidy.  Hoo.ray.

Then, we got a veggie burger and chips to share at one of the food places, and THEN we went to Max Brenner’s the chocolate place and got some yummy chocolate stuff in celebration of being sick.  Drove home, put the girls to bed like normal.  No craziness tonight, like I said, after our week of hell, things are returning to normal.  Then, FINALLY had time to make the ring sling that I’ve only been able to think about making while I was sitting there more dead than alive with the flu.  It’s pretty cool, can’t wait to try it. I’m not sure if it might be a bit fluffy.  I used this extremely thin cotton fabric.  It’s fine for Goldie at 2 1/2 months, but when I thought about how fat Margo got, I thought I better double up the fabric just in case we have another fatty on our hands.  It’s still very thin and the air flows easily in and out (essential for summer on the Gold Coast), but it just seems a bit fluffy…  Well, we’ll have to just see.  The whole sling, including the rings, cost me under $15 to make, so if it’s not the best, well, then, it’s no big deal.

Max Brenner

Chocolate… doesn’t it make everything better?

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