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You Can Only Go Up From Here! Elimination Communication: a Better Day

elimination communication

Margo always says, ‘I want to eat Goldie up’!

Yesterday marked my all time low of elimination communication with a baby.  I did catch a few poos, but for the most part, either I was just out of my rhythm, or Goldie was just being Miss Super Grumpy Pants and didn’t want anything to do with being held over a bucket.  She would arch her back every time I took her to the bucket, cry and then pee two minutes later and cry again because she was mad that she peed in her diaper… sigh… Mad and indignant that I even was putting a diaper on her in the first place…  Sorry honey, we don’t live in the bushes, otherwise I would let you go around nappy free all day.  It was just a missy day.

Today was miles better.  We caught nearly everything, and I even took the girls on a 90 minute car trip, round trip , to Mullumbimby for an Australian BreastFeeding Association meet.  Mullumbimby is sort of out in the middle of nowhere, and it’s in beautiful country side.  Plus it’s fun to say, ‘Mull-um-bimby’, Margo kept saying it over and over.  Go on, try it, ‘Mullumbimby’.  The whole time you’re driving there, you have to remind yourself that you’re not in Hawaii or something, it’s really that gorgeous.  The topic at the meeting was baby wearing, and myself and another woman brought out our baby wearing devices (she had about 4x the amount of baby wearing paraphernalia as I did).  We all had fun trying them out and doing demos.  Even though I wore Margo almost exclusively from birth, I’m only just getting into wearing baby wraps and slings!  It’s too much fun!

As usual, doing EC with a very young baby, I had to excuse myself like three times to go take Goldie to the potty while all of the other mothers were sitting around nicely with their babies, having the discussion on baby wearing.  But, then, I noticed there was another mother doing EC with her little boy too!  Except, she was being way less discreet than I was and taking him to go in the potted plant in the room!  Then she laughed and said she better take him outside in case he did a poo in there!   It’s really a funny thing when you’re hanging around with lots of people and all of sudden you have to excuse yourself because your baby has to go.  I try not to announce what I’m doing too often, only because then I have to explain it.  While I am an EC advocate to the extreme, I also am aware that sometimes pottying my baby in public can make other people feel very uncomfortable!  I don’t know why, exactly, but over the years, I’ve gotten used to the responses, so I do keep it quiet sometimes, just to avoid being the ‘tall poppy’.  (The ‘tall poppy’ is this great expression in Australia, that goes along with the culture, of don’t be the one showing off.  Totally opposite to the American attitude of, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’.)  I’ve turned into a bit of closet ECer!  Or, only explain when I’m approached I guess.  I used to go around like a raving lunatic telling people, ‘did you know you can potty train a baby?!’.  Yeah… I stopped that one pretty quickly when I noticed some people would get uncomfortable or even defensive when I mentioned it!  Sigh…

Anyway, little Miss. Goldie was much happier today, her nose is clearing up and is snotting a little less, which is making her poos a little more predictable too.  I’ve never experienced such ‘potty resistance’.  Isn’t that a silly term… can you imagine if the cave people’s baby had a potty strike… um, I don’t think so!!!  It’s probably only because of the use of diapers and other distractions of modern living that we even have things like ‘potty misses’.  Having said, that, I really do feel for people when they tell me they are trying EC and it’s just not working.  I caught a whiff of this EC difficulty over the past few days.  I guess you just have to be persistent and know that eventually, the situation will change and things will start working.  In the meantime, if you’re traveling south on the M1 and you pull off at the Cabartia exit, do be careful if you park on the side of the road where the gravel pull off is; a little baby did a poo out of the door of the car.  Her mother held her out after finishing a feed and the mother didn’t think the baby would go, because the baby had been on a ‘potty strike’ for a few days, but the baby decided she liked the fresh air bottom breeze!

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