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Change of Real Estate: Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication

Yes! Those are our toothbrushes in the corner! Ewww… Don’t worry, they’re very much out of the line of fire!

Following yesterday’s post on vaccinations… phew… had a lot of really awesome responses, hope I didn’t get anyone’s undies up in a bunch!  Today, I’ll just talk about the usual: baby poo adventures.  Just what all the American’s want to read about while they’re digesting their Thanksgiving Dinners 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving by the way!

A few weeks ago, after Goldie was feeling better from her flu, she went on a sort of ‘potty strike’.  You know, as 3 month old babies do (not).  By ‘potty strike’, I mean, I would hang her over her usual bucket near the change table in the living room and she would arch her back in protest, not go in the bucket and then pee a few minutes later in her nappy.  (Oh, another thing, since I live in Australia, I almost always call it a nappy, but since most of my readers are from America, I will happily translate it to my native language: diaper).  If you talk to most people who do some elimination communication (EC), they all probably have experienced a little of this.  It’s no wonder.  I mean, I would probably be a little ticked off at my mom, who was taking me to the potty, but still making me wear an annoying diaper!  Not all people who practice EC put diapers on their kids, and certainly, if you lived in a third world country, a diaper would not even be an option. Also, maybe she didn’t want to be answering mother nature’s call in the middle of the living room anymore?  Or, maybe she was just grumpy?  Oh, I don’t know!

So, anyway, luckily I know, that at 3 months, a minor potty strike is nothing to worry about with EC.  Things like that happen and quickly change.  She was grumpy for a week or so,,, so what!  She wouldn’t let Art take her, unless it was really early in the morning and she was busting.  And, the arching her back thing became more of a game, not actually that she didn’t have to go.  It’s actually hilarious when she arches her back in protest from the bucket.  She goes all straight legged, makes a grunting noise, and, as a friend of mine calls it, makes a triple chin of indignation!  Like, ‘I’m NOT gonna go!  HAHA!  I have superior holding capabilities now!).  I also call the arching back position, the ‘plank’.  So, after a few days of some serious planking, and some serious loads of laundry to wash, I decided it was time to be proactive about this little potty strike.

All I had to do was change her station to the shower room sink.  We have a toilet in one room and a shower in another room with laundry and a big laundry sink.  So nice, because honestly, who wants to take a shower in the same room after someone has just done a nasty number 2, even if you have lit the matches.  She loves going in the shower room sink!  Sure, it’s the same sink where we brush our teeth (ewww), but I mean, it’s baby wee and poo.  She eats one food only; it’s pretty benign poos.  Plus, I clean the sink out every night with some disinfectant stuff.  What she loves about the sink station so much, is that she can see my face, and I can see hers.  It’s so very cute.  We look at each other and laugh our heads off while she goes.  And then, it’s all too perfect to have a little running water to wash her tush off with.  Then, even more perfect to have a towel hanging to dry the tush with another mirror where I can look at her and sing this silly ‘Wash the tush, Dry the tush‘ song that Art and I made up with Margo.

Anyway, the potty strike seems to be over.  We’ve caught almost all poos and wees over the past few days.  I’ve even been taking her more and more outside, if we’re in an ‘appropriate place’.  For example, today, I had Margo at the playground (we’re always at the playground), and I knew that Goldie had to go.  I was sitting on the bench near the swings, and there were quite a few other people around, but whatever!  She did a quick little wee on the grass, and I put her diaper back on and popped her back in the sling.  I always think, if someone says something, I’ll just say, ‘But dogs do it all the time!’.  I wouldn’t take her in such an open place if i suspected a poo was going to come out.  Then, I would go more towards a bush or something.

I always hesitate just a moment whenever I’m out and about doing EC and think, ‘well, she does have a diaper on, I’ll just let her go in it‘.  But, since it’s cloth, I would have to change her straight away, if she did a pee.  You can’t just let them sit in a wet cloth diaper!  And, she gets fussy when she does it in her diaper!  I would have to put a dirty diaper in my bag and then try not to forget about it, and then have to take it out and wash it.  I prefer taking the preventative measure and just let her pee on the grass.

I’m happy that we’re back on track, and I do like our new bathroom ECing.  I’m also happy that she’s not making as many cloth diapers to wash and not planking so much (even if planking is really really funny).  Sink ECing with a mirror to look at is cute and convienient, don’t you think?

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