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Swearing in the Ocean and Something that Gave Me Goosebumps!

Little Miss Sunshine, I like to call her.

Little Miss Sunshine, I like to call her.

The waves were really good today at Rainbow Bay.  Somehow it ended up that I got to surf twice!  Woohoo!  My first session was more like a ‘surf session fail’.  I decided to not wear a leash AND I was wearing a hat AND the waves were way bigger than I thought AND it was really crowded.  It’s fine to surf without a leash and wear a hat, if it’s small.  But, if a big set of waves come, and you’re wearing a hat, it’s a little awkward to try and keep it on whilst trying to hang onto your board without loosing it.  So, I lost my board, had to swim a mile in to get it.  My second session was way better, and the waves were almost nearly epic 🙂

At the start of my second session, the waves completely turned off for about 25 minutes.  It happens sometimes, usually at the change of the tide.  Ok, so there were like 8 million people out and no waves.  Then, this guy near me starts swearing and cursing and saying all sorts of crazy nonsense!  Telling everyone to go in now because there were no waves.  Then he started swearing at the ocean itself!  I won’t repeat what he was saying… but, he was sounding like a lunatic!  Swearing at the ocean is like yelling at a wall!  What does the ocean care if you’re yelling at it?  You can holler and scream and carrying on, but that won’t stop it,,, or start it,,, or change it,,, or do anything!  One man yelling at the ocean… I’m glad he was acting crazy because it gave me a huge smile on my face.  Nice one.

The thing that gave me goosebumps was, fortunately, not in the ocean.  I put the girls to bed rather late, Margo fell asleep around 8:45pm.  I always like to meditate in the evening and even though it was late, I decided to do it anyway.  After all, today is December 21, 2012… end of the world… and the exact time that I would be meditating would be the exact time the world was supposed to be ending: 9:11pm (Brisbane time). How serendipitous, I thought.  Even though I’ve been joking about the world ending.  I will note that people were considerably on edge all day, maybe everyone felt a little sense of doom and gloom.  Margo was very grumpy too and I kept doing strange things too… like loosing my surfboard, etc.  So a little meditation was in order.

I sat down on my special meditation pillow in the bedroom.  Art, Goldie and Margo were fast asleep together in bed.  Right when I closed my eyes I noticed that it started to rain a little.  It had been sprinkling all day and pretty warm, so I wasn’t really surprised.  Then, about fifteen minutes later, I was deep in my meditation, a loud BOOM of thunder shook the house.  No warning rumbling thunder from afar, just one really loud crack that, honestly, made my stomach flip.  I peaked my eyes open to make sure that the girls hadn’t startled, but they hadn’t moved a muscle.  Closed my eyes again to finish the meditation and a few minutes later, once again, a most horrendous loud crack of thunder, twice as loud as before, shook the house again!

I was almost finished meditating at that point, but I decided that I better hop up and turn the dryer off, just in case it got fried or something.  I normally don’t jump up in the middle of a meditation, but I felt like it may be a good idea.  Got up, turned it off and just as I was sitting back down to finish off a few more minutes of meditation… peaked at the clock… it was 9:11pm… Ewwww….. Creepy!!!!  Obviously, the world had not ended when it was supposed to… I wonder what everyone else was doing when the world was supposed to end 😉

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