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What’s With the Plastic Bag Shirt?

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Why is she wearing a plastic bag?’, the girl working at the gelato place asked about Margo.  I started to tell her and then I just said, ‘It’s a long story…‘.

It all started as a walk to the playground, at which, I had an elimination communication epic fail.  Goldie did a poo in her diaper while we were sitting on the bench watching Art and Margo played on the swings.  Even though I had brought spare cloth inserts, I hadn’t brought any covers.  The poo had gotten onto the diaper cover too.  I did my best to wipe up the mess with the clean part of the cloth diaper.  Of course, I am never prepared, I didn’t have any tissues, wipes, anything. Without a clean diaper cover, the only thing I could do was to wedge the clean cloth insert in between her legs and hope that I would catch her next pee, rather than it soaking both her and I while I carried her in  the baby wrap.  It was really nice out. Everyone was out and about at sunset, and we wanted to go for a walk down the beach path, but the only way I could get Margo to leave her permanent swing station was to promise we could use the bubbler (what we call a water fountain here).  Of course, Margo got water all over herself and soaked her shirt.

ArtBaltrotskyImage 2012-12-22 (15)Off went the shirt

ArtBaltrotskyImage 2012-12-22 (14)

Then she bolted down the foot path!

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As we were walking, Art spied a strategically placed city council ‘neat and tidy’ initiative: a box, filled with blue plastic bags for dog owners to use.  Art thought it would be a great idea to use the plastic bag as a wee-barrier, just in case Goldie did one in the baby wrap.  So, I shoved the bag in between the diaper insert and my clean dry shirt.  A little protection for now, just in case!

We were really close to this restaurant and it was getting late and I didn’t feel like cooking and making a mess in the kitchen.  I made a plea to go eat there.  Margo and I ordered some food, while Art ran home to get the car, a diaper cover for Goldie and a shirt for Margo  While we were waiting for our food, Goldie started fussing and wanting boobies.  So, here I was, with one kid topless, the other one bottomless, and breastfeeding in public.

We must have looked like derelicts!

We must have looked like derelicts!

Art came to the rescue, just as I was finishing Goldie’s feed and just as the food came out.  He brought the diaper cover, but forgot Margo’s shirt.  After we finished eating, and I had put a proper diaper cover on Goldie, Margo found the plastic bag that had been wedged in between Goldie and I.  ‘THIS BAG IS NOT A TOY’!  I kept thinking.  Anyway, this funny 30-something guy with tattoos and piercings , was sitting near us.  He had a shirt on that said something like, ‘If I’m not wasted, then the day is‘.  He saw Margo playing with the bag and said something like, you could use it as a shirt.  Art thought that was a great idea and ripped a hole in the bottom of the bag.  She was a little shy to try it on at first, but then got a compliment from a lady passing by and decided it was a really good attention getter.  Then we all walked down a few shops to get some gelato, and that, is why Margo was wearing a plastic bag for a shirt.

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