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Road Trip (Relatively Speaking)

Free as a bird

Free as a bird

I need to start giving photo credits to my nearly 3 year old. She took that picture with the kite… pretty nice one, I

We took a ‘road trip’ today. I say, ‘road trip’ because it was an entire 1 1/2 hours away. Five years ago, when I was living in America, a 1 1/2 hour trip in the car would certainly not have been considered a road trip… more like a necessity. I mean, it was at least 2 1/2 hours to the nearest Trader Joes… But, what can I say, even though we live in Australia and it’s all wide and open here, we’ve become really lazy in driving places, we don’t have fast highways in most places like we do in the states. Of course, some things we don’t need to travel for as Australia is blessed by the fact that we are surrounded by some great cafes and restaurants, like this cafe warrnambool located, for example. Whenever we need something to eat or drink, we can just pop down here, taste the fabulous cuisine that they have on offer and we can go from there. Although sometimes, I do wish that we had a bit of variety in our lives but we make do with what we have, especially when we don’t really feel like driving.

As we are starting to take longer journeys, it can be hard to decide what sort of audio we should be playing through the speakers. My friend told me about a study that was conducted by All Car Leasing to see what we should listen to based on the length of our journey, as well as having other statistics. So, I made sure that I checked this out before travelling and it helped massively. It was also an entertaining read. Another one of our friends is always going on road trips and has just purchased a used Honda Accord. He wasn’t sure what to buy, so after doing some research online, he discovered that a used Honda Accord Still Offers value so decided to give one a go! As for our trip though, I must admit that the roads are generally quite safe. Of course, we always make sure we have excellent car insurance just in case! You can even find cheap car insurance no claims bonus nowadays. But, I really wanted to go to this baby-wearing meet up that had been organised at one of the mother’s houses. So, I flew out the door this morning, having just barely done my morning meditation and yoga, with Margo jumping in my lap (I wouldn’t dare step out the house to embark on an adventure without having done at least that). Oh, and did I mention that any trip over twenty minutes in the car with a baby, can be sort of like torture if they’re screaming their head off.

And, scream her head off is EXACTLY what little Goldie did! I stopped a few times… What did she need? Trip to the potty? Ok… she went and was dry… Boobs? Offered them, but she turned them down. Toys? Gave her a few things to play with… We were smack in
the middle of our route, way out in the most beautiful country side. I was trying to enjoy the scenery and point out the cows and horses to Margo… but that poor little Goldie was belting! If we turned around, she would have probably fallen asleep right as we pulled into the driveway. So, I decided to keep driving, as she wailed along. Nothing would console her and my shoulders were getting tense and I think I was getting a nervous twitch in my forehead. Poor Margo, who was sitting next to her, had a look of despair. Nothing Margo could do would entertain her little sister. She tried to sing her songs, play pee-a-boo, give her toys, etc. But, nothing worked… We were already going to be super late, and even though I wasn’t stressing too much, I couldn’t just pull over for a few hours and hang out, otherwise I would have missed the meet (word of advice, always leave extra time when traveling with a
baby). She was screaming and that was that.


Margo asked to play with my phone... little did I know that she was documenting the moment for me.

Margo asked to play with my phone… little did I know that she was documenting the moment for me.

Anyway, we arrived finally, of course Goldie fell asleep five minutes before we pulled into ‘our destination’. There were a handful of mothers there with their babies. And, one of the girls there, who has a most awesome baby wearing stash was letting everyone try her stuff on. She even let me borrow two of her wraps for a few days! She has a great baby wearing blog here. We stayed for a couple
hours, trying on baby wraps, feeding babies, talking babies, helping ourselves to food in our host’s kitchen… it was all great
fun. Margo was happy to just hang out. There were no other kids her age, and nothing really to play with, she was just happy to watch. And, can you guess that when she came home, who started playing with all my wraps and her dolls??? Goldie
fell asleep on the boob while we were chatting away and I thought that was a very perfect time to make our exit. I was hoping that she would stay asleep in the car for a while to avoid the traumatic car ride there.

The baby wearing meet: Margo remembered to bring wrap too.

The baby wearing meet: Margo remembered to bring wrap too.

And, yes, she slept! So did Margo! It was so peaceful… until… I noticed that were starting to run out of ‘gas’. We have LPG, which
means that it is actually propane gas that I speak of. I had to switch the tank to petrol, which I usually can do while I’m driving in an emergency, but I decided to pull over to do it. Of course, the second the car slowed down, they BOTH woke up screaming! Ah… well, we were only 20 minutes from home. We took a breather and then got back in the car and made it home with minimal squawking from our little babe. We got home and took a walk with our kite, then went to the playground. Then, home for dinner and early-ish bed for the girls. I don’t know why, but somehow, days like today are really energizing. It seems like it would be the opposite, but it’s really fun to do something different and to get together with other people who have
similar interests in parenting. Sharing stories, sharing laughs (sharing wraps), it’s great!

Beauteous Day!

Beauteous Day!

Somehow it was even settling for Margo to go on an adventure. She was really a delight the whole trip and even after, when
we got home. In some ways, Goldie’s screaming her head off made Margo and I bond a bit. It’s hard to explain… maybe it
was the look on her Margo’s face when I peaked in the rear view mirror of, ‘Man, I’ve totally been there before Goldie,
you hang in there, mom’s on your side, we’ll get you out of the car as soon as we can
!’. I’m not sure if it was any
good for Goldie, screaming her head off… But, as soon as I picked her up, she was happy and bumping along as usual, I’m sure not too much harm done there…. A good emotional release? Hmmm… maybe. I probably won’t go on another car trip
that’s quite so long by myself until Goldie is a little older, if I can help it. But, it was a beautiful day and we had to do something!

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