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These Days of Love!

Love Baby Led Weaning!  Eating Chewing on some raw oregano from our garden.

Love Baby Led Weaning! Munching on some raw oregano from our garden.

Have you ever had a canker sore, you know, the ones inside your mouth, that are only the size of a small pea, but really feel like they’re the size of Texas?!  Well, I’ve got one under my tongue!  I did a quick search and found that according to ayurveda, canker sores are caused by excess pitta.  Excess pitta can also be the cause of headaches… which I tend to get once or twice a month (associated with hormones).  For those of you who are not familiar with ayurveda, or the science of life, it is absolutely fascinating, so just in a nutshell…

There are three doshas or ‘principals of nature’. Vatta, which controls movement, like digestion and breathing, can be associated with wind.  Pitta, which is associated with heat.  And, kapha, which is sort of like slow or heavy, think grounding.  Everyone has all of the ‘doshas’ present in them, just some more than others and sometimes one or more of the doshas gets imbalanced and then you get sick, or have issues… like canker sores, and headaches, etc. Vatta is usually the first to blow, and then everything else follows.  Certain foods either increase or decrease certain doshas in certain people.  Ayurveda is an awesome ancient science, you can learn more about it here at Sri Sri Ayurveda.

Anyway, another quick search on the internet gave me some simple things that I could do to reduce pitta in my system.  Like, avoid certain foods such as carrots and tomatoes, give myself a massage with coconut oil (which is cooling), take fennel seeds and…. SMILE… yes… the website said, ‘Be sure to smile frequently throughout the day‘.  That’s funny, I though, I haven’t been smiling enough lately.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been tired, or maybe because my pitta has been crazy, or what.  But, I actually thought to myself the other day that I haven’t been smiling enough!  So, today, I just thought I’m going to smile a little more.  Being around two little kids, that’s not hard to do!  Goldie is a little smile machine and Margo, when she’s not looking concerned or concentrating too hard, can also bust out enormous smiles all day long.

So, I smiled a little more today, changed a few things in my diet, like skipped the heating foods like carrots, ginger and (most) chocolate (but, it’s Valentine’s Day!) that I might normally eat and I instantly felt a difference!  Of course, it also helps that I went to bed early last night, so I was even rested!  Margo was in a great mood today… or was it me?  Goldie was singing all day in this cute little six month old baby song attached with huge smiles and she was just melting my heart all day long.  She’s such a delight, this little Goldie.  I think I would like to always have a six month old smiley baby around.  Well… not always, but you know what I mean?  Keep one in my pocket so I can play with her whenever I want… or wrap one on my back to go for a walk here and there.  Why not?

What's for dinner mom!?

What’s for dinner mom!?

It was a great day.  We went for a morning picnic, had a nap, than I made an early dinner and then we went for a walk down on the beach.  On the way back, I had Margo on my back for a change and Art was wearing Goldie.  We were walking along and I noticed these bouncy long kicking legs that bounced every time I took a step.  I haven’t worn Margo on my back for a walk in a long time, probably like 9 or 10 months.  I couldn’t believe it, this kid used to kick and flap her legs around just like that when she was a baby all the time!  People walking past, would always comment on Margo’s bouncy legs.  And, here she was, at nearly three years of age, still bouncing and kicking her legs just like she did when she was a baby!  That girl cracks me up!  I only noticed it because Goldie doesn’t have the kicky legs… She has the grabby hands instead.

It’s easy to write when we have to complain or talk about things when there is a problem, or  when we’re sleep deprived, or we’re annoyed, or whatever.  But, today was just a really great day.  These good days just seem to go unnoticed sometimes.

It’s funny because even if you force yourself to smile, eventually, that smile turns genuine.  It’s like the cells in your body get tricked into feeling happy when you just smack on a smile.  So smile a little more today… Think about the things that  you’re doing today and know that these things will not last forever!  Little Goldie will not be this little gurgling bundle of joy forever (sigh)… The messes that I clean up every night (and all day) won’t always be there to clean up… the booboos that get kissed won’t need kissing one day… the sleep that I’m craving will turn into boring quiet nights…. And yes… I’ve gone all cheesy on you… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

From Three Pretty Girls

From Three Pretty Girls

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