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Elimination Communication… A ‘Solid’ Routine

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Saving all potty photos for future boyfriends.

Saving all potty photos for future boyfriends.

Goldie started hard on solids.  I mean hard!  She just can’t get enough food!  I’m so glad that I’m doing baby led weaning, because she really demands to eat what we’re eating.  It’s actually hilarious, if you pay close attention.  While I’m cooking or preparing food and she’s in the sling, she starts making complaint noises well before the food is finished and I often end up giving her a raw veggie or something to chew on while I’m cooking, otherwise, she goes bonkers.  She looks up at me like, ‘You have to got be kidding me mom!  Give me somma that fooooood!.  And then, when she eats, there’s no dribbling or spitting or food in the hair, or throwing food of any sort.  Almost all of it goes straight down the hatch.  Sigh… so why am I talking about food if the title of this post is about elimination communication (EC)?  Well, solid in… solid out.  No more innocent exclusively breastfed baby poos…

For a few months, I was taking Goldie to the loo over the sink in our bathroom.  It was a really great set up.  She would go, I would wash it down the drain, wash her bottom off and then pat her dry with a towel.  Finished.  I didn’t have to use any wipes and thus avoided having to throw anything away and she was really clean afterwards.  SCORE!  But… it doesn’t take more than a few bites of solid food to turn benign liquid breastfed baby poo into something a bit more ‘solid’.  You really start to notice the change right away.

Margo took this photo... a little photog in the making.

Margo took this photo… a little photog in the making.

I tried her on the potty a few times, but she wasn’t crazy about it.  We do have a potty in the car that she uses were out and about.  But, at home, she was very much used to me holding her over the sink.  I also tried her on the toilet, with me sitting behind her, but every time she would sit there, Margo would come and want to have a chat and Goldie would get distracted and try to blast her way off the toilet by arching her back in protest.

We started Margo on the potty when she was only 2 months old, so by the time she was ready to start solids, she was very used to sitting on it.  But, for some reason, I never really used the potty with Goldie, just the sink.  I think because of the wash and dry factor, just made it easier.  Luckily, babies at this ages are very adaptable to changes.  Although I knew it may take a few days for her to get used to the potty, I knew it would only be a short matter of time before she was doing it.  I did have to take her to the sink still a few times… even with the more solid poos… eww… But, I knew that she had to go, and she kept arching her back saying ‘NO’ when I tried to take her other places. This time, the sink poos, I didn’t wash down the drain, there was no way.  I had to sacrifice a flat terry cloth diaper to wipe it up and then just spray it off in the toilet with out toilet sprayer thing.  Oh well… it was only a few times, and I would way rather have done that than have her go in a diaper.

Well, she’s used to the potty now.  I put it up on the change table, so that way it’s easy on my back and I don’t have to bend over.  I’m actually really happy to not be holding her over the sink anymore, she was getting really heavy!  It was really funny too, because she started on solids so fast and hard, her poos changed so quickly, I think it scared her a little coming out.  She was a bit like, ‘Hey, wait a minute, what happened, these things used to just fly out with the greatest of ease… WHAT’S GOING ON DOWN THERE!?!’.  Haha my dear… a bit more effort required now 🙂

I love doing EC!  It’s really fun (compared to cleaning up dirty diapers), and everything changes so much in that first year.  The ‘communication’ aspect of EC really is amazing to watch as it progresses as your baby grows older and as you become more aware of your baby’s signals and patterns.  It’s also a great time for learning and having a chat!  When Margo was little, I can’t tell you how many body parts Margo memorized whilst sitting on the potty.  And, while I was still taking Goldie in the sink, we would always have a giggle looking into the mirror hanging over the sink.  I loved the mirror too, because I could see if anything was coming out 😉

So, anyway, we’ve got it all sorted now.  Goldie’s using the potty and she gives out a huge squeal of delight when I put her on it and she really has to go.  Margo climbs up on a chair next to the table to cheer her on.  I still take Goldie to the sink at night, it’s easier that way, and she doesn’t do any poos at night.  I better hit the sack, Goldie has been wanting to wake up at 5am lately and roll around and play and use the potty a hundred times, all while my eyes can barely open and everyone else is snoring!  I don’t really mind, she’s so cute and giggly in the morning, I love it!

It's a family affair

It’s a family affair

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