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To Nurse to Sleep or to Not… Does it Need To Be a Question?

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Little babes at play and at sleep

Little babes at play and at sleep

There’s all this silly controversy in the baby world of debaters and ‘experts’. The attachment parents (AP) say, ‘nurse your baby to sleep‘. The anti-AP (Is there a term for these people?) go on to great lengths warning parents that if they feed their babies to sleep that their baby will never learn to ‘self sooth‘ or whatever that is supposed to mean. In fact, the anti-AP’ers are probably concerned that your teenager will still be nursing themselves to sleep when they come home from high school (joking….). Ok, anyway, if you’ve read any of my other blog posts, you would know that I am adamantly AP. I co-sleep, breastfed a 3 year old (and her baby sister), baby wear, etc. etc. I was having a chat today, at one of our baby wearing meets, with a lovely mumma to four girls. At the moment, two of her girls are 6 months old twins, and we were talking about night waking/night feeding and how our babies fall asleep, etc. So, I thought I would share a bit on how differently I’ve put my girls to sleep.

The Nurse to Sleep-er

Margo’s first word, other than ‘momma’ and ‘dadda’, was ‘BOOBA‘ (boobies). She loves boobies (still does…). When she was a newborn, her feeds would go on forever! Forty five minutes sometimes! I would get out my book, sit down with a plate of food, a cup of tea, or whatever, with my feet up and would sit on a comfy chair for ages with her. She would fall asleep on me, then I would fall asleep too. For naps, I would lay down with her in bed, feed her to sleep, and then usually fall asleep myself. If she was having trouble falling asleep, I would keep offering boob until she would fall asleep. Of course, with the first baby, this is easy to do because you can let the baby dictate the day.

Around five months old, I noticed Margo had started waking up at night nearly every hour! I was exasperated and exhausted when I finally came across something called ‘Cry in Arms‘. ‘Cry in Arms’ is something VERY different to ‘Cry it Out’. ‘Cry in Arms’ is fancy term that basically means: allowing a baby or child to cry in your arms as a way of releasing stress. It’s something you might do when they are overwhelmed, are coming on and off the boob, are tired, but can’t fall asleep, or maybe are constantly waking up at night. As long as all of their needs have been met (fed, clean, dry, etc), and they are still grumpy-pants, that’s when you can do this ‘Cry in Arms’. I started allowing Margo to cry when I noticed she was all crazy, and to my astonishment, after she had her big cry, she would actually fall asleep without boob! Wow! And then, she was even more tolerable and peaceful when she would wake up! Double score!

I still fed Margo to sleep for the vast majority of her naps and sleeps as a baby, probably up until she was about 2 (unless I was at work). Aside from the naps that would happen after a big cry, or a nap that happened in a baby carrier, the boob was the one-way ticket to sleepy land. I was ok with it, 100%. I saw no reason to try and get her to sleep any other way. She liked it. It worked a charm and it was easy! Margo started daycare a few days a week when she was 16 months old. She had never slept in a cot (crib) before and had never used a dummy (pacifier) and yet, she never had trouble falling asleep at her daycare. Despite my concerns that she would never be able to fall asleep because of the way I always fed her to sleep, at daycare, she was almost always the first child to fall asleep. If it were not the case, and she was a cry baby at daycare, I would have found myself at the doorsteps of any reputed sleep expert (perhaps, a Gwinnett Sleep professional or their likes) in desperate need of help. LOL!

The Non-Nurse to Sleep-er

I was pretty sure that every baby was just like Margo, in that they preferred to be fed to sleep. I always thought that maybe if people said that their kid could fall asleep just with a cuddle, that they were lying… until… Goldie came along!

Goldie was suuuuch a sleepy newborn. I mean, you could just look at her funny and she would fall asleep. To her, boobs were were had a very utilitarian status and one purpose only: FOOD! Another thing going on with Goldie was my over-supply. Meaning, since Margo had been priming the lines for over 2 years, when my milk came in, it came in with a vengeance. It was just too much for her! I remember many times feeding her laying down and noticing that there was so much milk that it was coming out of her nose! If I even tried to feed her past when she was full (like trying to feed her to sleep), she would just spew everywhere. So, Goldie learned right from the start to fall asleep without the boob. Wether she wanted to or not, she just couldn’t handle the volume of milk, so she would just turn her head away and find some other way to nod off.

Another factor in Goldie’s non-nurse to sleep habit is her older sister…. Gone are the days when I can lay down peacefully and feed a baby to sleep. It happens sometimes… but rarely. I might start to do it, but then Margo comes bounding into the room and pouncing on the bed. Goldie thinks this is all too exciting and pops her head up to have a look. Nap??? Forget it! Goldie’s nap schedule is all over the shop. The only thing I aim for is to give the girls a middle of the day nap together, because then I can either nap with them or do my daily yoga and meditation. This nap has very little to do with boobs. Goldie has already been fed and we all just lay down and fall asleep.

She does fall asleep on the boob occasionally, but, unless Goldie has a nod off in the car or in the baby wrap, I would say, about 95% of the time, she falls asleep just by nuzzling into my armpit. No dummy, just snuggles is all she needs. Boob and sleep are completely dissociated. I also do ‘Cry in Arms’ with Goldie, but I’ve noticed that since I allowed Goldie to cry as a newborn (she would cry in my arms for a long time when she was little), she now will only squawk for about 5 minutes max, and then is ready to fall asleep. I also feel that allowing her to cry a little has made an ENORMOUS positive impact on her sleep. She hasn’t done the ‘waking every hour’ thing… yet…. Although, she does wake up at least 2 or 3 times to wee in the middle of the night! I have to say, there is nothing cuter than taking a baby to pee in the sink while she is half asleep. Bless her <3 Anything Goes in My Book

So, after having two very types of boobie girls, I’m happy to report that you can do whatever you feel like! To hell with all the baby experts (AP or non-AP). Every baby is different. If a baby really likes feeding to sleep, let them! You can’t spoil a baby! If a baby can’t fall asleep and keeps coming on and off the boob… let them cry (in your arms of course), get rid of that stress. If a baby likes to fall asleep smelling your armpit, well great! Listen to your gut and listen to your baby! They will tell you what they like! They don’t need to ‘learn’ anything! They don’t need to learn to ‘self sooth’ or learn to fall asleep! Baloney! Sleeping is not a skill! They just need you there. And, I guarantee, they will be able to fall asleep by the time they’re in high school… in fact, by that point, you might have trouble getting them out of bed 🙂

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