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Undies and Pulling Up, Oh My! Elimination Communication and 8 1/2 months

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Big sis's undies

Big sis’s undies

I just randomly got sucked into looking at photos of the Duchess of Cambridge’s growing bump, then remembered that I had originally sat down to write a blog on elimination communication (EC)… oh to be a commoner ūüėČ

This week has been huge, in terms of Goldie’s communication and mobility skills. ¬†I’m talking huge! ¬†Like, I’m surprised the kid can even sleep! ¬†She just started pulling up to standing TODAY! ¬†Yikes! ¬†This makes me sad, scared and excited all at once. ¬†Sad because my days of having a baby are numbered, and in a few months we will have a toddler on our hands. ¬†Scared because of the obvious, falling (although, she’s surprisingly steady thus far). ¬†And, excited because it’s so much fun to watch their faces and see their excitement when they learn new tricks!

Now on to more EC news… A couple days ago, I went to an ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association) meeting. ¬†The topic at the meeting was EC, and there was supposed to be a guest speaker. ¬†But, for some reason or another, the guest speaker couldn’t make it and I sort of ended up doing the talk, or rather sharing my experiences of doing EC with my two girls. ¬†It was very informal and sort of question and answer type of thing.

They wanted to know things like, how to do EC at night, and how do you keep your carpet from getting ruined when you do nappy free time, etc. One interesting thing that I learned from the meeting, was that some people are actually intimidated or put off from doing EC because there is this thought that they might not be able to do it well enough. ¬†Or, that they may miss their baby’s cues and that missing the cues makes them feel bad that they don’t ‘know’ their baby. ¬†It’s really unfortunate that people would feel this way… I’m not sure if it’s because there are some ultra-hardcore ECers out there who say to be 100% nappy free? ¬†The way I see it, is that ANY communication about elimination is better than none… Even if you only catch one pee or poo a week… or just let them have a bunch of nappy free time…

I think it’s important for people to realize that the whole reason for doing EC is not to catch every single wee and poo, but more to bring awareness to your baby’s body and to his or her needs. ¬†That, eliminating is not a ‘yucky’ thing… it just needs to be done in an appropriate place. ¬†Also, that EC is an ever evolving form of communication between a carer and the baby, and that the whole process can’t really be judged as being ‘successful’, or not depending on how early a child is toilet trained. ¬†Other than the obvious benefits of early toilet training, there are other not so obvious benefits to doing EC, like trust, confidence and independence.

Anyway, it was on this day of the ABA meeting, that I also realized that the number of cloth diaper loads of wash that I have been doing has dramatically decreased over the past week or so! ¬†(Hooray!). ¬†I remember, it was right around this time, 8 or 9 months, with Margo, that I also had a dramatic decrease in diaper washing. ¬†The #2s at this at this age have been pretty easy to catch… (oh, except for today, I have a confession… I totally wasn’t paying attention to Goldie as she was crawling and ended up with a little nugget on the floor, but caught the rest on the nearest potty. ¬†Oops! ¬†My fault! ¬†She was crawling over to get me, but we had just woken up from a nap and wasn’t 100% with it yet). ¬†Other than the slight poo incident today, she has been wearing undies in the house for the past few days! ¬†I have put a diaper on her when going out and at night still. ¬†But, for now, around the house during the day is undies time! ¬†Luckily, I have her sister’s size 2T Gerber training undies to put on her. ¬†They have just a tiny bit of padding in case of an accident… The bonus is that Margo and Goldie both fit in the same size undies. ¬†How crazy is that? ¬†Margo loves that Goldie is wearing her undies ūüôā

Another thing Goldie has started doing is crawling towards the potty, or towards me when she has to go. ¬†Margo also did the same thing around this age. ¬†She also gets VERY mad at me if I try to take her to the potty or sink and she doesn’t have to go. ¬†The wee frequency is much less, so I have to remind myself to not take her as much, as I don’t want to annoy her to the point of going on a potty strike. ¬†I’m so curious to see what will happen when Goldie can walk… it was around that age (12 months) that Margo was sort of out of diapers all together. ¬†I’ve heard that in many cultures where EC is the norm, that walking is usually timed with ‘potty training’. ¬†As soon as Margo could point to the potty to tell me that she had to go, I didn’t even really have to ask her anymore, and that was the end of the diapers. ¬†I wonder if it will be the same with this little one?

Have any of the readers out there done EC at around 9 month-12 month mark?  What forms of communication did your baby use to tell you that they had to go?

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