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Instant Pick-Me-Up: Yoga Stretches You Can Do With Your Kids Milling About

'I like being tired and grumpy with the rooms spinning...' said no mother ever.

I like being tired and grumpy with the room spinning…‘ said no mother ever.

You feel like staring at the wall, or curling up under the covers, or dropping to the floor, or maybe even like running down the street screaming! But, nope… You’re home with the kids and you’re stuck. Forced into being attentive, alert, understanding and super-human-ish. No matter how tired you are, or how much the room is spinning, you are mom (or dad) and you are on duty! Energy sliding into oblivion… what should you do? Reach for the coffee? Turn on the tube? Check facebook (again)? No! You can do something much better!

Push the toys aside! Roll out the yoga mat or lay out a blanket, crack open the windows, make a nice space and get down on the floor! This is especially important for you parents out there who are getting a growing number of aches and pains that our body isn’t able to recover from properly because our kids mean we’re constantly on the go. I know that I have been suffering some real back pain but thankfully I found a good mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain and the yoga I’ve been doing with my kids has really been helping too! I didn’t realize how bad my old mattress was until I got the new one. Dealing with back pain can be a struggle for many people, especially if the cause of it is not apparent or someone isn’t sure how to reduce the pain effectively. Even though I have found that changing my mattress was a good move to make, a friend of mine recommended I checked out products like full spectrum cbd extract for sale, as the use of cbd related products is said to reduce pain and inflammation that people may be experiencing. This could be something worth looking into, as there are times where I feel the pain a little bit, but not as much as I used to before changing the mattress.

I can see now why I was suffering so much because I had just gotten used to being uncomfortable in bed. If there is anyone who is still suffering from back pains and aches around their body after doing this yoga then it would definitely be worth looking for a new mattress. You might be in the same boat I was where I would use yoga to get rid of the pains then get them back after spending 7 hours sleeping on the equivalent to a wooden board! If you end up getting a new mattress and find that you are still struggling with back issues, then there might be a bigger problem then you first thought. If you are suffering then you should make sure to get yourself checked out by a professional (e.g. the Scoliosis Institute), just in case, there is something that needs to be fixed properly. Don’t worry though, if anything, going to a professional can help just give you a bit of peace on why your back is hurting.

Here are just a few ideas for yoga poses that you can do with the kids. It only takes a few minutes of bringing awareness to your body and breath to make you feel semi-super-human again! The kids will love that you’re taking time out of the day to do something different and will probably even join in! Of course, doing yoga by yourself without interruptions is ideal… but when you’re on the brink of exhaustion, a little bit is better than nothing.

Disclaimer: [This post is merely meant to suggest some simple yoga stretches that you may have already learned. When practicing yoga, it is always best to learn in the presence of certified yoga teacher and to get their advice if you have a pre-existing injury or medical condition.]

If you are looking for a yoga or meditation course in your area, I highly recommend taking the nearest Sri Sri Yoga course, or the Art of Living Course. These are the courses that I am a trained teacher in.

Breath of Joy

Breath in, arms up. Exhale, wraps your arms around your chest.


A quick shirt change (don’t ask).


Let your arms go floppy and twist gently back and forth.


Triangle Pose

To the right and to the left. Hold the pose on each side for a few breaths or until your kids discover that your legs form an excellent tunnel.

IMG_8805Cat Stretch

Inhale as you lift your head up, exhale as you drop your head and round your spine. Repeat until your baby comes over for a kiss.


Child’s Pose

I’m not sure what pose the doll is doing next to me? Rest here bringing awareness to your breath, until one of your kids jumps on your back.


Downward Dog

Stay here for a few breaths, keep reaching your chest to the floor with each exhalation, until that said chest bumps into the three year old who is lurking beneath.


Row Row Row Your Boat

When in Rome… do as the children do…

IMG_8887 Cobra

Keep your naval so that it’s touching the floor. Be especially mindful if you have lower back pain. Hold the pose for a few breaths, or until someone tries to crown you with a pair of swim goggles.


A few more floor exercises with or without baby jumping on for extra weighted balance


Bend right leg, then do the left


Bend both knees


Reach, but don’t touch.. good for those abs

Finish up with a selfie facial massage while the kids fight over the swim goggles.. whatever… do I look like I care?


These are just a few ideas! But, don’t stop with them! Add to them and have fun! And, most important… REMEMBER to do them when you feel your energy reaching rock bottom.

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