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Wind that Makes for Crazy Days (and How to Stop the Room From Spinning)

When the room starts spinning... get unspun!

When the room starts spinning… get unspun! They both wanted ‘up’ so I put them in a wrap and spun them ’round and ’round

In October 2007, my husband and I spent a couple weeks in southern California for a surf contest, the USA Surfing Championships. (I’ll just casually mention that I won my division… ahem, 2007 Woman’s Longboard title…) But, what really set this trip apart from the others was the damn wind! Our first day there, I noticed everything looked bone dry. I said to Art, “Man, it looks like a tinder box here.” Two days later, a hot, dry and extremely strong wind called the Santa Ana winds started blowing and southern California was experiencing some of it’s worst wildfires ever. Lots of homes burned, lots of smoke that we breathed in… Maybe if we had anticipated this, we could be better prepared with a carbon monoxide filter or some basic masks at least to protect from the toxic air. Anyway, that, and some of the most epic, uncrowded waves I’ve ever surfed in southern California… like ever, dude…

The Santa Ana winds are called the ‘Devil Winds‘ and people literally go INSANE while they blow. Crime rates skyrocket, domestic disputes rage, kids can’t function in school and basically all 30 million people residing in southern California go berserk.

We don’t have the Santa Ana winds here, on the Gold Coast of Australia…. but we do have something probably similar, so I affectionately also call them the ‘Devil Winds’ when they blow. Hot, dry, strong and completely and utterly ANNOYING! Every time they blow, I get one or all of the following:

A. A house that looks like a tornado hit

B. A headache

C. Crazy insane kids

D. A dizzy room-spinning sensation

E. Get lots of laundry done (yay)

How to Help Yourself When the Wind Is NOT Helping You

I have to remind myself that there are things that I can do to help myself when the wind hits. I can’t believe it, but I just found this old post on wind, written almost exactly a year ago on almost the same thing (there’s an awesome photo of my bomb-hit house if you want to see what a real mess looks like). These few things may save your sanity… I realised only today that I had yelled at my 3 year old just a few too many times, so I stopped what I was doing and took my own advice.

  • Slow yourself down. Wind makes you all scattered and want to do a million things. Sit down on your bottom and be still for a minute. Recollect and continue at a medium pace 😉
  • Stay warm and wet and out of the sun.
  • EAT TO STAY GROUNDED! Eat warm, wet, oily food, (the good kind) like a hot soup with a tiny bit of whatever cooking oil sheen on the top. Avoid eating raw, dry or cold foods.
  • Drink some warm herbal tea (avoid the caffeine kind as this can make your mind even more crazy)
  • Warm oil self massage, do your feet and scalp, especially… or if you are lucky, like me, get your three year old to rub your back.
  • Warm Shower after your oil massage, or just a warm shower.
  • Seek shelter indoors where at least everything won’t be blowing around, even though you may still be feeling the ‘windy’ effects.
  • Some stretches, gentle yoga, something to bring awareness back to the body.

Empty line-up at Huntington Beach… everyone was running from the fires!

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