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When Devastating Catastrophes Hit… How Dare I Post Pics of My Dinner?


Vegan Vegetable tempura

I made this awesome dinner tonight.  It was a family creation. The little one was wrapped on my back and we made the vegan vegetable tempura.  My older daughter, Margo, and my husband made the avocado sushi.  I took some photos.  We ate.  We got stuffed.  We said, “Mmmmm, wasn’t that yummy?”  And we said, “Ohhhh, that came out so good.” I took the little one for a walk after dinner.  We watched a thunderstorm over the ocean.  Margo didn’t feel like walking, so she stayed home with my husband and they read books.  We came home.  We took showers.  Kids had boobies.  I laid down with them in bed and they fell asleep.  And, I, desperate for just a few moments of quietness, peeled myself out of bed before I succumbed to the sleep bomb, plopped myself down in front of the computer, and started to read about what’s been going on outside of my own four walls.

A quick look on the ABC website and I saw that there were still many articles circulating on Typhoon Haiyan, which nailed the Philippines over a week ago.  Search and recover missions are still happening.  People are homeless.  People are without access to running water or food.  People are being buried in mass graves.  People are fleeing the places they used to call home.

It’s so hard for me to comprehend situations like the one in the Philippines, as I sit here in a quiet, safe place.  With a full belly.  With running water and a toilet that works.  The thought of me posting the photo of my dinner made me feel ridiculously stupid… Even more stupid that I was thinking things like, ‘oh, the tempura was made with gluten… I know lots of people don’t eat gluten, should I post it anyway?”  Really Kate?!?!  Like, hey, instead of posting photos of sushi and tempura, shouldn’t we all be posting ways to get money and supplies to all the devastated people in the world?!  Shouldn’t we be working to find world peace?!  Am I so callous that I don’t care about the rest of the world?!

Ok, I know, catastrophes, wars and  mass destruction events are happening all around the world in some form or another every day.  It’s just a matter of who is paying attention and what disasters get news coverage.  If we all got upset every time something bad happened in the world, well… we would probably never smile again in our lives.  So, no, I’m not saying that I need to get depressed every time I read the news.

But, I am paying attention.  I do keep it in perspective most of the time.

Reading about the people of the Philippines is  a reminder to me, and to anyone who is sitting here with a full tummy and a roof over your head.  A reminder of how relatively good we have things.  Running water, electricity, working sewers and garbage removal: you know, the things that we so often take for granted.  Not everyone is so lucky. So, yes, I will post the picture of my food… BUT, just know that I’m posting it while also thinking that there are many people in this world who will go to bed tonight with a grumbling tummy and no soft or safe place to sleep.  Peace and love to all the people in the world!

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