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Vegan Sage Tofu Steaks and Mashed Potatoes


This is my twist to the traditional ‘meat and potatoes‘. I crave this meal at least once a week and it’s always a hit! Be sure to always make enough. My kids devour this, the mashed potatoes don’t even stand a chance! I like to serve with some organic ketchup… what can I say… I’m American, ketchup is one of the major food groups, right?

Tofu Steaks

Use extra firm or firm organic tofu. *optional-freeze your block of tofu to give it an extra awesome texture

Cut tofu into medium to thin rectangles. Thinner tofu will get crunchier faster (I love things that go crunch).

Baste the tofu in a mixture of olive oil, rock salt, pepper, ground sage and rosemary (or any other seasoning you fancy)

Bake in oven (I use a toaster oven to reduce energy use) at around 210°C or 410°F.  Keep a close eye on it, but generally around 10 or 15 minutes, the tofu should start to brown, remove when it’s crunchy or baked enough for your likings.

Mashed Potatoes

For a family with two adults and two little ones, and enough leftovers needed for my husband’s lunch the next day, I usually fill up a medium size pot with as many potatoes that will fit in the pot.

Peel potatoes, chop into large pieces and boil.

Cook until potatoes are soft enough to stick a fork through.

Drain potatoes, then mash with a potato masher

Add in a splash of some sort of rice or nut milk, a dash of vegetable oil (any kind will do, although olive oil may be a bit strong), about 1/4 of a cup of nutritional yeast, to give it that ‘bite’, rock salt and pepper to taste.  You seriously cannot mess the potatoes up.  Add what is suggested and then add more if you think it needs it. Dried parsley or other seasoning is also yummy!


I used broccoli and silver beet (swiss chard) from our community garden (yay).  To retain as much nutrients in your veggies, steam or lightly cook the veggies in a small amount of water, adding more water if needed.  When soft, drizzle with olive oil, squeeze of lemon, rock salt and pepper.

Happy Tofu Steak eating!  Yum!

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